"Asian Town" coming to Katy [TX]


It’s amazing. I think we ought to arrange a Katy Asian Town food crawl after a few more open up.

Meantime, I just went to Phat Eatery. Had the beef sate to start, then an absolutely luscious mango & shrimp dish. Forgot to take photo until after I had some of the sate - sorry.

The beef was not so tender as I’d like but the flavor was good & the peanut sauce excellent. I’ll get chicken next time. And like I said, that Mango Shrimp dish was awesome.

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I have to get my car ready for the annual inspection and get a set of new tires. Then I’ll be all set for the long, arduous road trip out to Katy! I’m looking forward to it.

Don’t know about a crawl, though. I can’t eat like that so maybe just one stop.


Sure…whatever. I was just thinking might be fun for several of us to go to a few places, get one or two dishes to share & try. But one place at a time works for me, too. Just let me know when & which one first & I’ll be there!

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I don’t mean to get in the way of others if they are so inclined. By all means, carry-on (in style, as of course you will).


Our little group is so small that any suggestions at all for a get-together should be enthusiastically endorsed. @brucesw, if something out here looks interesting, just say so, and I’ll do my best to schedule a meet-up. :slight_smile:

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I’m always up for Asian food!


You’ve heard of inner 610 loop snobs, I’m an inner Beltway 8, living only a couple of miles away, snob having only gone west once in about 5 years for a trip to Austin/San Antonio, East, SE, and South yes but no west.

That being said we can pencil you people in on Saturday 7/14 being the only day in the immediate future the Wifeacita and I can be together.

Jaymes, maybe you can get you know who to bring the Posse unless he’s ashamed to be seen in public with us. Maybe we can coax him out of his self imposed exile.


In case your check engine light comes on and needs an expensive repair I know where you can “acquire” a sticker in Spring Branch.

I got one for my seventeen year old Camry which I have since donated to charity and now am gently breaking in a new Corolla.

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:astonished::rofl: Not really expecting any major repairs but I have one tire that worries me and it’s on the front. I’d be less concerned about it on the back but the lug nuts are on so tight I can’t get them loose to move it.

The tire store of course is going to say I need to replace them all.

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I’m squiring a toddler to a Benihana birthday lunch that day. Otherwise I’d be all over it.


I haven’t been to Benihana in years and the toddler should enjoy the show.

Let us know how it was.


Alas & alack… I’m going to be in Oaxaca on the 14th.

I don’t know if I can talk Doobs & Co into returning here but I do think we’ve got a good shot at having him join us for meals in the future.

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Checked out Phat Eatery last night. Roti canai and hokkien lor mee were the best stateside attempts I’ve had for each dish. Gotta come back for the char kuay teow.

Also saw Gong Cha and Sharetea are already open, but there’s still gonna be at least several more boba places in that strip? Wow! Beard Papa’s wasn’t quite ready yet and their doors will open in about a week.


I’ve been to Phat Eatery a half-dozen times & think it’s great. Standouts: sizzling beef, mango shrimp, rendang, curries and the satays. The peanut sauce is the best I’ve ever had - and I’ve had a lot of peanut sauce.


Tried to go to Beard Papa’s at 7 tonight. Doors locked, place closed. They’re supposed to stay open until 9. Read sign on door: “Sorry. We’re sold out! Please come back tomorrow.”

I will.


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oooh, Pepper Twins is the same family that opened Cooking Girl. Good stuff!


Went to Pepper Twins in Katy. Just okay. Nowhere nearly so good as Cooking Girl. I asked about the connection and they said there is none. They added that people keep asking but they were puzzled as to how that rumor got started. So either there is no connection, or there has been one of those family rifts that seem to happen, a la Tony’s Mex on Mason vs the other two Tony’s.

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Strange, I could swear I read that in a food blog.

Well here it is, but it looks like it may have been retracted.