"Asian Town" coming to Katy [TX]

Been driving by a sign that says “Entrance to Asian Town” stuck in the dirt of a big vacant lot on Colonial Parkway in Katy. Finally became intrigued enough to google it to see what’s up with that. Turns out what’s up with that is a new Asian shopping center anchored by an H-Mart. We already got a 99 Ranch out here so things are definitely looking terrific for us Katy Suburbanites!

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I read about this! You may never need to leave Katy again.

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A little more news from the Press.

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Well, it got to be more than just H-Mart for it to call as the Asian Town.

I suppose H-Mart can call itself and its mall whatever it wants, no? And H-Mart markets itself as an Asian superstore, not just Korean.

However, they are constructing a very large mall with plenty of room for other Asian retail businesses. I feel pretty sure that there will be restaurants, bakeries, cafes, souvenir and gift import shops, etc., that will represent a fairly wide range of “Asian” goods and services. If not, I guess you can take up your complaint with them. And, you know, tell them what you will and will not allow them to call themselves. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and follow your instructions at once.

Wow, Bruce - great info. I was already excited. Now over the Mooncake. Thanks for posting that.

Sure, but it does not make it accurate, right? Like I said, one H-mart does not make it a town.

I am not going to waste my time with that. Like I said, just because they call themselves that it doesn’t make it so.

See. Even you know I am right, and try to justify the name by suggesting that maybe in the future other things will be established. In other words, you know that it won’t be an Asian town without the other stores. So I am right.

Of course you’re right. That’s exactly what the article Jaymes quoted said.

“…anchored by an H-Mart.”

“Anchored” in real estate terms means it’s a big store that sets the tone and brings in the traffic that smaller, complementary stores cluster around.


Yes, Chemicalkinetics, you are right.

I have a feeling you are always right.


Interesting coincidence - I have been meaning for years to try Bo Ne at one of the places in Chinatown that specializes in the dish (Vietnamese Steak and Eggs). In fact, I almost went to one this weekend. I’ve never seen one that included spam though !

Maybe this will make me get off my duff and go.

Congrats, Jaymes.

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Wow, you’re really keeping up! I actually just stopped in there this afternoon. Picked up a to-go menu but didn’t eat because I was on my way to join family at the new Fadi’s out here.

The place is small, typical strip-mall ambience, but looked clean and smelled great. There were customers at several tables so think they’re off to a good start.

I’m definitely going to give it a try sometime this week or next. If you’re coming out here, Bruce, let me know when and I’ll meet you there if schedule permits.

I am so diggin’ that picture of the baguette.

Definitely will!

Just happened on this. So little going on these days, on this board and in the foodie press, what with both the Press and Houstonia having let a lot of staff go - there’s not that much to keep up with!

I am so digging that picture of the red oil dumplings at Mala Sichuan that Bruce linked to upthread. That’s the first thing I’m ordering when it opens.

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Did this happen at Houstonia too? I miss Katherine Schillcut already. She’s out of the food biz it seems.

Gee, Jaymes. Bye-bye Katyzuela?

I don’t know what happened at Gastronaut. Shillcutt/Ermis was ME overall, wasn’t she?

For weeks, there’s basically been only one person posting on Gastronaut, someone I’ve never heard of. They apparently hired Gwendolyn Knapp, who I like and who only arrived a few months ago from NO at the Press and was let go. She had posted only one article that I saw. Alice Levitt, who I liked a lot, hasn’t posted since early December, though she’s still listed on the staff last time I checked.

Meanwhile more familiar names are showing up on Eater Houston and Houston Food Finders, stringers and free-lancers all, I’m sure.

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Are we headed for Katyrea? Or Katynam? Don’t know but Yummy Pho & Bon Ne was packed - with a 15-minute wait for a table.

Yummy Pho & Bon Ne
I had the grilled pork & vermicelli bowl & it was great. Going back for bon ne later in the week.



Katynam - I like it.

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