Asian restaurants, westchester

I decided to start a new post since the openings/closings post was getting long. Was motivated because we tried O Mandarin for lunch the other day. It was a good experience. We weren’t all that hungry so just shared three dim sum/appetizers: cilantro flounder rolls, cucumber salad and pan fried pork dumplings. The flounder rolls were like spring rolls and not at all greasy. The cuke salad was refreshing (but spicy.). The dumplings, which happen to be a favorite thing of mine, had the least tough outsides of any I’ve ever had. The decor is very attractive, service was good, but I was thrown by so many non-Asian staff. We’ll certainly go back soon to try other parts of the menu.

Another place we have been to a few times now is Kishuya Ramen Noodle Bar, on Central Ave, a bit south of the 4 corners (near Hurricane Wings, Harmon, etc.). We sometimes get in the mood for this type of food (more often in cool weather) and we like this place.


Good to know about Kishuya Ramen - I noticed it when we were up that way once and made a note to check it out at some point. On a related note, we’ve eaten at Hurricane Wings a couple of times and although the food is nothing special, the wings are pretty good - big and meaty, with a decent Buffalo-style sauce.

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We like 2 of the dry rubbed wings at Hurricane: salt & vinegar and pictured here Cajun
Kishuya’s wings also pictured below are delicious as well … Westjanie it may have been you who recommended them.

Hurricane Cajun wings

Kishuya wings

Kishuya Kogashi ramen

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My kid loves ramen, especially buta ramen. He usually gets chashumen and tantanmen at Kishuya. I can’t eat ramen without a drop cloth, so I’ve tried some of their other items like gyoza (right from the freezer to the pan, completely fused together and freezer burned), ramen antipasto (interesting, but once is enough for me), chicken kara age (fried and seasoned well), and chashu tanin don (forgettable).

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If you want the best ramen, in Westchester, then go to the place attached to the small Japanese grocery on Rt 22 / White Plains Rd, in Scarsdale, right at the intersection of Brook Street (Harney Rd becomes Brook St)

This is real, home style, long cooked broth, ramen. As good as I have had at some of the best places in Japan. Out of a dozen visits over the past year or so I have only had one visit that wasn’t great. Even then it was better than anywhere else in the county.

It is called Ramen Qs / Fuji Mart
816 White Plains Rd Scarsdale NY 10583 914-472-1486
Cash only unless that has changed. Closed Mondays
Tue-Sun 11:30am-7:30pm


The kid and I have been waiting for a chance to go there, schedules permitting. I can’t wait and may bring an adult bib just in case.

What wasn’t great about that one visit? Which style did you prefer?

Wings were better than the ramen, hence no comment about it.

The one time the broth wasn’t as full flavored as other times.

I have liked most everything, even the curry. In summer the chilled noodles are refreshing.

The place is anything but fancy. Totally self service. You order, get a table or wait for one, or a seat at the counter which lines the window looking out at the street. They call your order, and you get it yourself.

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I just googled the address and “Ramen Musashi” came up - is this the place?

Looking forward to giving it a go!

This topic leaves a foul taste.

Is there a “European restaurants, Westchester” thread anywhere? I don’t see anyone lumping Portugal together with Turkey or Ireland. Why do it do Japan, Vietnam or India?

What about Middle-Eastern, African, Mediterranean, Eastern European, Continental (Western European), or South American restaurants? Are those categories objectionable to you as well?

Edited to add Eastern European and Continental.

It would depend on the context.

IMHO, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean are regional cuisines tied together by similar ingredients and styles. Other than rice, what would tie Korean and Vietnamese cuisines 2000+ miles apart? I’ve yet to see a “Continental” thread here but there are plenty of Italian, French and Spanish topics. I believe there are enough Asian restaurants in Westchester that we don’t need to lump ramen together with soup dumplings.

Looks like they may be enlarging the menu a little. Haven’t been in awhile.

Oh, please. Seriously?

I see you are assuming cultural insensitivity is at work here. However, the OP ate at 2 restaurants: One serving Mandarin Chinese cuisine and the other serving Japanese ramen. The title including the term “Asian Restaurants” is perfectly logical. If the OP wrote about eating at an Italian trattoria in Mamaroneck and a Greek estiatório in Yonkers and entitled it “Mediterranean Restaurants in Westchester,” that is also perfectly logical.

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Thanks for explaining me. Yes, I wanted to talk about these two restaurants, and separate out the discussion of O Mandarin from the very long thread in which earlier mentions occurred. What they had in common was the continent of origin. I certainly did not mean anything untoward and am sorry if you (Pab Boy) took it wrong, but I think you might have been a bit over sensitive.


No offense taken. No need for apology.

My main complaint is “Asia” is such a broad spectrum. I think these 2 restaurants deserve their own threads, continuation of previous ones or maybe put the name of the restaurants in the title.

Kishuya, when I tried it, did not have high quality and the variety was extremely limited. There are better places elsewhere.

@N_S what places do you prefer?

I definitely know that Ippudo in NYC is great.
Tanto across the street from Fuji Mart is decent (it’s homestyle).
I tried Ramenesque in Thornwood and thought it was decent but not mind-blowing.

I would try JMF’s suggestion that’s inside of Fuji Mart.