Asian Chunky Chili Sauce

I could have sworn I’ve seen this discussed in the forums here, but a search didn’t turn up anything. So forgive me, if there’s already a
thread about it.

I grabbed a jar from the garage pantry that I thought was just a regular
Chinese chili sauce for an eggplant and tofu dish tonight. It was very chunky, with large pieces of chili, what seemed to be crispy fried tofu,
and berries of some kind, also peanuts, I think. I really had no idea what all the talk was
about, but found I really liked it. Will post a pic in the December dinner thread of finished dish.

I remember Asian CRISP chili sauce, but not chunk! Sounds interesting. Anything that makes me want to eat tofu is interesting.

Here is the thread I think you are talking about:

Very helpful @naf, pretty sure that’s what I have. Thank you!

The eggplant tofu dish with ground turkey I made has been in our rotation for years, and the spicy chile crisp was strangely addictive. Highly recommend, @shrinkrap.

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