Asbury Park Shake Up

Fish and Cibo e Vino apparently ceased operations this week. Story below. Anyone have any insight?

According to Next Door (a hyper-local site where you have to register using your name and street address), both restaurants were closed today–on one day’s notice. While I doubt they had no clue until now, the word on ND is that Sackman, which owns a bunch of property in AP, including a year-old favorite of mine (House of Independents), wanted to double the rent and the couple that owns these restaurants couldn’t/wouldn’t pay that much. Johnny Mac’s is bringing in two newcomers. @NotJrvedivici do you know the real scoop?

As an AP resident, I appreciate the fact that bringing people in to town helps our city, but I don’t think we need MORE bars full of 20-somethings. We can always use more GOOD restaurants.

Nope I got nada. Fish has been there since 2010? Really? All I know is my one visit there was less than exceptional, but not bad either. For a place that has been around 6 years it was still a little rough around the edges, like still trying to find itself.

All I can say from a business perspective, if you are leasing a space you know when your lease is up, you generally start negotiating terms of a new lease 12-24mos prior to the expiration of your current lease. The fact these places just closed, giving their staff same day notice indicates they have no intention of re-opening. They would have secured a new location and simply closed and moved, not doing things like this.

Thanks… I agree that one day’s noticed seemed questionable. I’ll admit that I haven’t eaten at either restaurant simply because I had heard they were just okay (except for Cibo’s happy hour, which I hear was a good value). Since I posted on here, someone on Next Door chimed in to say that she heard the owners want to move to Turks & Caicos, so until we get the facts, we just don’t have them.

I can only hope that if the staff at these places was as wonderful as people are saying they were (on ND) that they find their way to some other places in town!

Well one thing for sure, there is no shortage of opportunities for people in the hospitality industry in AP.

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And yet the service at most places is not that great

I think that’s his point…we have a major issue with service here (and in many other shore towns)…

Summer’s over, lease is up, rapacious landlord Sackman Whiplash forecloses:

It’s a story as old as the shore…

Hear hear !!!

And sadly there are so few, especially in Rasbury. published a story today, but it doesn’t add much:

I’m speechless. Oh, wait…I’m not. W.T.F.?!?
This is real.


Flavortown is coming to AP. Ha!

Is this real? I may need to move…imagine the donkey sauce related problems we’ll have…

This was a rumor 4-6 weeks ago that was squashed but the gals who own Cardinal Provisions posted a photo w signage today. Imo we’re doomed if it’s true.

Let the kids pay the Cookman Avenue tax. I have found alternatives …

The guys Asbury kitchen web site is not real

From one of the rumor-spreaders: " BREAKING NEWS! This will be good news to many of you. Just spoke directly with Carter Sackman. According to Sackman Guy Fieri is NOT leasing the old Fish location and has never contacted them looking for space. SO the those of you who called hoax seem to be correct. Why would someone go thought so much effort? Strange world we live in!!!"

I’ve just been told the same thing by a VERY reliable source–one who checked w Fieri’s PR people. I won’t continue to spread the rumors but I do wonder about the signage that was posted…

I was having no part of it so I put the squash on it. Go about your day people, nothing to see here.