Asbury Park Restaurant Tour - May 1st

I already bought two tickets as these things tend to sell out. Anyone else up for a HO meet up there?

I’ve got my ticket…

Have 2 friends coming with me…anyone else?

I spoke with Joon and he said he was interested.

@joonjoon please check in…! :slight_smile:

I’m in! Might also be bringing some friends :slight_smile:

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Wife & I tix purchased. We might be arriving late, but if there is a meet-up pls post it!!

Anyone who has purchased a ‘ticket’ has to pick up a wristband at 600 Cookman Ave on Sunday in order to gain access to the tour and shuttle…a few of us HOs are planning to meet there 11:30-11:45, so if you’re coming, let us know! :slight_smile:

Not sure we’ll be there early enough for meet up. Someone wear a “HO” shirt so we can identify you around town!!

I ain’t’ got no HO shirt, but I’ll be wearing (or hopefully carrying) a polka-dot raincoat and turquoise umbrella. Even in the rain, the Curlz are a giveaway too…

I have a ripped t-shirt that barely covers my belly. Does that count as a HO shirt?

Seriously though, I will be wearing my black pokerstars rain jacket with matching hoodie.

Update: since it’s going to be COLD and rainy, I may be wearing a different coat, but I’ll still have my turquoise umbrella–and (frizzy, I’m sure) curls!

Some HOs are just tougher than others. Seal/Mrs Seal, great seeing you guys! For those of you (AHEM) who bailed because you’re too delicate to deal with some rain, well, you missed a fun day!

@NotJrvedivici I think you’re the guy who has posted about Jimmy Mac’s and now I’ve finally set foot in the place…never would have known about the free bar pies and omelettes (Sun only) if not for you! Methinks we need a HOdown there for some serious dive bar drinking…


Wife and I attended (a little late). Was on the lookout for that turquoise umbrella. My favorite bite of the day was the salmon ceviche at Fish (although it could have used some heat). Most generous taste was the full ice cream cone at Days. Also thought the gelato at Lola’s was top notch. The $4 wine pours at Taka were nice, as were the $3 mimosas at Jimmy Mac’s. We were too full to hit up all of the spots. Sorry to have missed the other HOs.

Hahahahahhaha…I’m so glad you got to appreciate it. Honestly…I have not been to a bar that was as self promoting as they are. Whatever it takes to get you in there drinking they will do…I’m sure it was packed given the event going on, on a normal Sunday they can pack them it, but it’s sooooooo worth it. As long as you have the rest of the day to blow off because you are going to leave pretty hammered. lol

(Did you find the free all you can eat candy stash???)

Sorry I missed out on this! I had a relative visit from Korea and was required to attend a family reunion.

Always down for some free omelettes! Cheese and extra bacon baby.

No! Do tell… The place is a riot. I was telling friends at work about it and described the decor as looking like someone puked up every sign and quote on the planet. :slight_smile:

Okay, you’re absolved…foreign visitors trump walking in the cold/rain/wind with HOs!

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There is a pot belly stove by the stairs leading from the main bar to the elevated seating area towards the back of the room. (Not the elevated area above the skeeball) Open the front of the pot belly stove and it’s like Halloween!!! They keep the thing stuffed with candy…take as many handful’s as you want!!

I’m hard pressed to go to Porta and pay $12.00 for a bar pie, when I can sit here and get a $4. or $5. drink and free pie. Did you see the pie maker? Not being sarcastic but the pies are actually made from fresh dough, I fully expected a frozen Ellio’s style or Delgiorno pizza…but no there is fresh dough hand tossed rolled and placed in the oven. For a “hang-out” bar this is by far my favorite place, and trust me if there is one thing you should know about me by now, I’m not a “Hey let’s go to the place with the throw up decor” kind of guy. lol