Asbury Park Restaurant Tour - May 1st

Okay, the candy thing is a riot; I’ll certainly check it out if/when I get back there.

Re: the pizza, it may be made from fresh dough, but you can’t compare it to Porta (or Talula’s)! TOTALLY different animals. At Jimmy’s it’s completely acceptable as an alcohol absorption method…at Porta/Talula’s we’re talking about the art of pizza and high-quality ingredients, imo! But no worries–I still love you.

I’m not a big fan of Porta’s for a variety of reasons which I won’t both you with, but I was very UN-impressed with their pizza. Some of their apps were good but the pizza really didn’t knock it out of the park for me so honestly I would take Johnny Mac’s free over Porta $12. any day of the week. (speaking from a value vs. quality…yes Porta is better just not that much better to me)

I’ve only had the pizza at Jimmy’s once…I wouldn’t bother with pizza there. When ti comes to Jimmy’s there is only one thing I have to say Chicken Scarp (ok that’s two things sue me!!) Try that and report back to me!! Love you too Curlz. lol

I agree that there’s no comparing “artisan” pies like porta with standard Jersey pizza. However…am I the only one who prefers local pizza by the slice places over the fancy brick oven pies? 90% of the time when I’m eating one of those fancy pies I’m wishing it was regular pizza instead.

Going back to JMac, their pizza is ok, but never a destination item for me. The omelettes on the other hand are well worth making a trip for.

However, the last couple times I went for omelettes, the line had gotten out of control. People were waiting like 30 minutes for an omelette. To me, food I have to stand in line for that long for never tastes good.

Whoa…30mins for the omelettes? Say it ain’t so?? Ok all you people I’ve told about this place are banned!! Dam you social media!! (joke) What time(s) have you been going? I haven’t been in a while now, since I’ve quit drinking so over 6 mos. but when I did go we got there fairly early like 10-10:30 and the lines were always reasonable, maybe 3-4 people at a time. Later in the day around noon or so the whole place get’s pretty packed, by then I’m done eating and never looked or waited in the line so maybe it’s just the time of day? (I hope)

I’m with you 100% on preferring the “greasy spoon” slice of pizza place to “artisan” pies…without a doubt. Also I’m not trying to draw a true comparison between JMac’s pie and Porta’s, it’s more a value comparison, I mean c’mon Free is Free. Especially with a $4-$5.00 beverage vs. $8+ at Porta.

I usually end up at JMac around 12-1pm which I imagine is peak traffic time. I didn’t even know they were open at 10am. Who the hell eats at 10am? LOL

Last time I was there the line for omelettes literally wrapped back around to the exit stairwell at some point. Have I mentioned I hate lines? But you’re right, nothing will ever beat 5$ drink + omelette on Sunday. I just miss when Asbury wasn’t overrun with people.

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I literally pulled a 10am-3pm Sunday “brunch” there which consisted of 8 omletes and 2 pizzas and an unknown amount of bloody Mary’s.

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