Artisanal Store Bought Pizza Crust?

I’ve bought shelf stable premade pizza crusts @ both Costco and trader Joe’s. My local Costco is either out or stock or has discontinued them. Can anyone recommend a good brand or source, including online.

There is nothing “artisanal” about but check your grocery store for Papa Sal’s dough in either the refrigerated section (near the deli for us) or freezer section. There’s always Boboli :wink:

Do they still make Boboli? I recall them being tasty. Although not shelf stable, there is a brand, Wewalka in the refrigerated section usually by the Pillsbury products that we enjoy.

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And as an additional alternative, most take and bake pizza places will sell you just a crust, and some of them are quite good.


If you are in a place served by HEB, Midtown is quite good.