Are you ever just not in the mood for anything?

This doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while, I’m just not in the mood to eat anything in particular. It isn’t that I’m not hungry, it is just I have no idea what I’m in the mood for . . . .very frustrating.

I’m in charge of cooking in my house (no problems there, I love cooking) and I have more than enough cookbooks for inspirations and ideas, but, like right now, I have no idea what to make for dinner because I’m just not in the mood for anything. I guess (in theory as I’m not a writer), maybe it is like writers block - staring at cabinets full of ingredients but no ideas or motivations. I couldn’t even pick a restaurant right now . . .

Does this happen to anyone else? What do you do to snap out of it?


Yes! And I hate to say this but it gets worse with age IMO. I think our palates just get jaded or something. Sometimes while in this dilemma, I kind of revert to comfort foods. Pretty easy to make and enjoy.

Unfortunately I’ve been in a long stretch of it, since February, but it ended a couple weeks ago. I was actually food averse, wasn’t cooking and couldn’t eat much of anything. I chalked it up to taking course after course of antibiotics and various dental procedures. The cause of it was actually one of my meds. My drug dealer, er I mean Dr pulled me off of it a month ago & things have steadily improved since then

But my appetite returned fully yesterday and I ate like a lumberjack. Anything and everything is appealing! I know that’s a little different from your situation right now. Maybe, while hungry but not knowing what to cook or eat, go to the grocery store and see if anything prepared or partly prepared appeals to you. Or Costco, they actually have some amazing foods in their deli area. Some house made and other stuff from various vendors. Good luck!


Very glad you got your appetite back! Hope I get my inspiration back (not super worried, just hate these phases). Walking the grocery aisles never works for me - but maybe Costco, I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

A three fingers pour & sip of a nice Brandy lifts my cooking ennui very nicely.
(just joking)(but again, maybe not….)


I hear you. Some days I am hungry, but just don’t crave anything and so don’t cook anything. I’d like to hear others’ solutions.

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Yes, I had a dental “scaling.” It left me bloodied and unusually uninterested in food.

Oh, yes. Familiar conversation in our house.
“What do you want for dinner?”
“Okay, I’ll surprise you.” Which usually means some kind of pasta with “walk through” meat.

And DH really gets upset if you pile up his plate. Our plates shown on HO usually look quite meager, but there are almost always plenty of second helpings available. → tomorrow’s lunch if not taken.


I skip eating and wait for actual hunger instead of eating out of boredom or feeling like I’m supposed to eat because it’s “dinner time” or whatever. I’ve never had a hard time deciding if it’s true hunger.

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Smile. I often find myself thinking (but never saying; God forbid!) " I’m not a ******* drug dealer!".

If I really think I SHOULD eat, charcuterie usually works. If I really don’t feel like cooking, I usually just don’t. Husband is almost always willing to eat “mince” or “In and Out”.

I almost always find something I want to cook when there is no pressure to make a “meal”.

Sure, sometimes a few days in a row. What gets my appetite going is usually bread baking. I adore toast.


This. I’m in zero danger of starving to death if I miss a meal.


Regularly, especially at work, which is in a sketchy neighborhood with few options.

Sometimes I just dont eat, but more commonly (especially if my stomach is growling and Im physically hungry) Ill just grab a can of soup or a frozen dinner (i keep a couple of each in the break room for such occasions) so that I don’t end up with a headache or hangry later.

If we both don’t feel like cooking #1 is leftovers. #2 is charcuterie (as someone, I think pilgrim) stated. #3 is to flip through the local grocery sale flyer - the flyer has pretty pictures that sometimes perk us right up.

It happens, sometimes all too often. My solution is usually to thumb through UberEats until inspiration strikes and I either order in or am inspired to make something.

My solution is to open and close the refrigerator doors every few minutes, until something MAGICALLY delicious appears.

Or, until my wife tells me to STOP opening and closing the darn refrigerator!!


We might be in the same mood cycle as you, Thimes.
Beef? Pork? Chicken? Meh.
So we’ve been doing a lot more Veg-centric Stir Frys, Garden salads with shredded protein and nice cheese; and, yes, plain old sandwiches on a good bakery bread, with “unique” sides. Sunday night past, I put together a chicken salad with the PSTO diced onion and celery. Sliced up nice portions of a Sharp Cheddar Cheese brick, and another of Baby Swiss, threw the cheese on a platter with crackers and called it dinner. DW and me agreed we’d do this again–and soon.

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  1. Cook surplus when you are in the mood, and freeze extra meals for no mood days. Lately I was glad to find the ultra spicy Korean seafood stew with prawns and clams in the freezer, we were fed up eating the dish for days. This time, just added a bit of broth and it was so good.

  2. Salad, cheese and wine is a nice meal

  3. Eat out

  4. With prolong period of blues, I sometimes start to fake and cook whatever (easy) vs my will and strangely sometimes once the engine starts, the enthusiasm comes back.

  5. Read What’s for dinner!


This happens to me all the time.

Forcing myself to plan weekly helps a good bit - I don’t always stick to the plan, but at least there’s some template. I’ve thought about the dishes I had in mind when I bought groceries

I also try to keep a list of what’s in the freezer (and fridge) - cooked and raw. That helps too.

When all else fails, I eat eggs.

(ETA: I very rarely get takeout or pizza, because I eat out a lot as it is as a result of meeting up with friends over meals. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t feel bad about takeout to solve the ennui issue every so often.)


My order is different, I need to recharge the battery before starting to cook! Eggs are great.


:clap: The ultimate go-to.