Are you afraid of eating chicken feet?

Chicken Feet With Black Beans Sauce (Dim Sum)
maybe it sounds strange if you have never eaten chicken feets, but once you tried, i am sure, you will fall in love with it.

In Chinese cuisine every part of chicken could be made into different delicious dishes.
“Chicken feet” is one of the most popular dishs in Guang Dong Provence in China. But, even thought many people like this dish, few knew how to cook it becauce it is not easy if you want to make the authantic flavor.

There are quite some cooking techniques you have to know, that’s why quite a lot of chinese mamas are afraid to cook it at home. In my memoris of childhood, my parent ofen took me to the restaurant to eat chicken feets but never cooked at home.
After asking my grandmother her recipe and trying a few times, I think I’ve finally got it right.
here is the full recipe if you interesting >>> chicken feet recips

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Afraid? No, I am an adult. And those feet look delicious!


thanks for the comment, Are you Chinese? non chinese or some people who never had chicken feet before maybe sounds strange for them…

When I tried them, it seemed to me that there wasn’t very much chicken on a chicken foot - but the sauce was excellent so I didn’t worry. :slight_smile:

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exactly ,The combination of chicken and the sauce is just perfect…

I am not afraid, but wonder if I am eating them correctly.

A former fishing buddy would bring chicken feet on fishing trips.

How should I eat them?

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I would happily try them if I found them on a menu.

Until then I buy them to build a lovely stock for soups.

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Chicken feet are afraid of me.

I eat them like Reese’s Pieces.


you can eat them like KFC chicken, i believe you will enjoy!

also very good option chicken feet soup, sounds delicious

sounds interesting, i like Reese’s Pieces too,

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Not afraid, and I like chewing on bones, but I’m not particularly craving them as a dish either. We have them cooked on a hot food area of a local market, but I am not a big fan of their hot food area. Looked time consuming cook on that Top Chef episode.

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I dont serve the feet…I just use them to make nice broth along with bones and vegetables.


I’ve never order chicken feet our but I certainly would. My Bubbe (grandmother) would use the feet to make her chicken soup.


Have been eating chicken feet since childhood! Love the dim sum version, but even like them just cooked as part of a pot of soup… Husband loves them too. No. We are not Chinese, I’m a Russian-Polish Jew & he is Italian :yum::yum::yum:


Deep fried chicken feet with some Old Bay seasoning strewn into the batter is like the evil doppelgänger of chicharróns, but so much better.



i use them for stock, as well. they release collagen that creates a heartier stock — sometime even gelatinous — which i love.

have some in the freezer, along with my friends’ turkey carcass, will turn both into stock this weekend.


I may be very wrong, but I believe it’s always gelatinous, and that the times when you notice it being that way are simply times when you used more chicken parts per quart of water.


i always add chicken feet, so i don’t have much of a basis for comparison. but from what i’ve read, the collagen from chicken does increase the viscosity. they’re certainly cheap enough. so when i’ve collected enough bones, i alway just pick up a package.


I think chicken feet are not only essential, but necessary, when making stock.

Chicken stock made without feet is sort of like marinara sauce made without EVOO.

In both instances you have what only looks the part. The former being just salty yellow liquid; the latter is just basically ketchup.