Are there any ways to make the burner of a stove hotter?

No. I have never seen My Big Fat Greek. I probably should put it on my Netflix list (if it is there).

Hi Kaleo, I don’t know if Wedgewood had different burner sizes.

Pretty stove. How did it clean up? I always start with baking sofa on a slightly damp microfiber cloth (or my index finger if I’m feeling foolish). I use baking soda on all my vintage enamelware. Very gentle and works like a charm. It also works on old aluminum, gives it a good smooth shine without scouring. As I’m sure everyone knows but I’ll say it anyway just in case, ammonia will damage aluminum so beware. Refrigerator makers used to recommend baking soda because it will not scour and it is anti-fungal, I believe. Let me know if I’m wrong about any of this, won’t everyone?

(I also use baking soda on my coppers, but not the tin lining. So far it works well.)

You must either have a tiny sofa or an enormous oven… :wink:

I agree with what you meant.

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Oh, gee. Well there IS a sofa involved, or ought to be, best w/reclining seats, a cooler and a cup holder so one may watch American Picker re-runs while polishing grimy old agateware. ;-).
Believe it or not I corrected auto-correct several times while trying to post. Guess I missed the first time. Why would my Ipad refuse to believe that baking soda is, you know. A thing.

I’m confident Breville/Polyscience is already working on a “smart” induction baking sofa. Add a Bluetooth and 1F increments, charge $1,800, and call it the “Control Seat”. It will seamlessly change the world. Via intelligent plunge.

Another indispensable Breville Product. It will stream Doc Martin reruns.

Check the gas regulator. Your flame should be blue, if it has yellow or white flames, you’re not receiving enough gas.

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