Are Granton edge knives worth it?

Just wondering if anyone here owns a Granton edge knife (dimples) and if you feel they actually work to help lessen food sticking to the knife blade?

I do, but I think it heavily depends on what type of grantons. It is often said that there are only a few brands of granton knives work. This KnifeMerchant video does a good job illustrating Glestain.

I’ve seen may two or three being used in a professional kitchen in 30+ years in the business.

If I had to go back to work making a living at the stove, I would not show up for work with one in my bag.

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I have an actual roast beef slicer made by the Granton company. The indentations extend into the blade edge - which is what a true granton knife has. I like my beef slicer, but it’s a specialized use knife. I’ve never bought a so-called granton edge(dimples) knife in any other style, and wouldn’t.

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I was given a granton roast beef slicer by a daughter in law who had cooked commercially. It works quite well for slicing meats and cheeses. I also have a Mercer suntoku with the granton dimples though not to the edge It is the first knife I pull for everyday use and was not very expensive.

Fortunately in our home kitchens we do not have to conform with what chefs do or dont do!

The “Granton edge” as created by Granton has the dimples/indentation carried into the edge as an intentional part of the design. I’m not convinced that dimples anywhere else serve any actual function, regardless of claims. I had a dimpled santoku and rehomed it. But again, I love my cheap Kiwi knives. And that’s my home kitchen.

I own a few Wüsthof santoku and Global knives with these Granton indentations.

Do they actually work ?

Honestly not, if anything it’s a gimmick in my view.

Ok, knives with these Granton indentations might stick 5% less than regular knives, and I still find that to be gimmicky.

I believe the main reason for the hollows is to allow the blade to slide longitudinally with less friction, i.e., not have the blade hang and move the food while slicing. It’s not to make the sliced food fall away from the face of the blade.

The smoother the slicing stroke, the thinner and more uniform slices are possible.

To answer the OP, I think grantons on non-slicers are akin to headlight wipers on a car.

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Replying to myself: I did not purchase that santoku.