April 2018. Boston MA and surrounding environs. Openings and closings!


After starting this thread many times, I may have run out of semi-clever ways to say this is where the restaurant openings and closings go for April. So, um. This is where the openings and closing news goes for April!


I have no news, but we appreciate your semi-clever thread leads!


Bab Korean Bistro in Brookline is open and Hamilton (also in Brookline) looks like it’ll open in the next few days.


OH MY GOD. this is tragic, Hidden Boston reporting that the spot Bianchi’s is on is planned for residential development. I am devastated.


probably most everyone read in Eater Boston about Baity, the Egyptian place that just opened in Medford this month. I went on Saturday, and figured I’d stick my capsule review here since it’s an April open.

The place is nice inside, looks like a converted pizza joint. You order and they serve your food over the counter to you, and you carry it to your table (there are 7-8 of these). I was having a Bob’s of Medford calzone for dinner, so I didn’t feel like ordering the signature fateer. Got the kofta dawood basha instead, and it was fair. Rice was good and the tomato sauce was pretty tasty, but the meatballs were unfortunately kind of dry and hard. My gf’s chicken schwarma was fine and the hummus that came with it was good, though. The baklava we got for dessert was sort of soggy.

They definitely have some opening kinks–my s.o. got rice instead of the fries she ordered and it took me awhile to get them to give me a fork as the self service silverware thing was empty. (I saw the woman who took our order washing dishes when they were obviously in the weeds). But the people running it seem super nice, and there was a fair stream of people coming in who seemed to be Americans of Egyptian descent. My first visit wasn’t spectacular, but I’d be interested in going back and trying some of the other dishes to see if the other dishes are better and if a little experience makes it all run better.