April 2018. Boston MA and surrounding environs. Openings and closings!

Their website seems a bit contradictory; in one place, it says it opens at 5, but in another, it says 5:30. At any rate, I’m curious whether they’re any good. I hadn’t realized they had locations all over the US.

heh, I didn’t even notice that. Next time I’ll stall at work a bit and see if going at 5:30 helps!

I have been to the Woburn location of this franchise, and thought it was pretty good.

yeah, I get that. But they have idlis and chicken 65, at least! Biryani Pot, the Hyderabadi franchise place in Framingham does something similar. Maybe they feel like they need to appeal to a broader market as a franchise joint (side note: in some ways I am sort of fascinated by the recent rise of foreign franchisee places in the US market. I would read a case study about these!).

With luck, what happened to Chinese food here will happen to Indian food. Cantonese dominated for decades before we got respectable regional places as a matter of course; maybe the stranglehold that Punjabi style currently enjoys will eventually yield to an efflorescence of Gujurati, Bengali and Goanese joints? We can dream.

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