Aperol Spritz & Pomme Frites?

Old habits die hard. Yes as the summer began I’m the guy who wanted to know where NOT to go to run into bennies. So of course on Labor Day weekend I decided sure why not go to Pier Village & pay $40 to park in the worst parking garage ever.
However if you want an Aperitif & an ocean view you brave humanity & go to either Avenue or Rooneys. I chose Avenue because I was feeling fancy.
I was not disappointed. However the pomme frites were worth the annoying creatures known as bennies.
Perfect Aperol Spritz, pomme frites ( $12 for French Fries???) and the ocean view.
Got some shrimp and another Spritz they were really good
Then did the ridiculous thing of walking down to Rooney’s to meet some friends.
The promenade at Long Branch was an assortment of people from white trash the denizens of Deal & points north.
Rooney’s was the usual Labor Day weekend shit show but 2 more cocktails which weren’t as good as Avenue but the fried calamari was pretty tasty.
Where do you guys get French Fries that you don’t have to go through all this, honestly it was so good & almost worth the parking garage from hell.

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So, expressing one’s disdain for their fellow human beings as “white trash” is now acceptable discourse on this site?

That’s. Fucked. Up.

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The original post was flagged by someone as inappropriate. Admins removed it. Unfortunately, they did not take down this post which copied the original. I just flagged it.


Wow, more inappropriate language. Not family friendly.


Pier Village on a holiday day weekend is a guaranteed zoo.

To keep this food related, I like the spritz and fries at St. Laurent (lunch).


First of all, the term being used is NOT being directed at any one person or group of people. It is being used to describe a range of people:

The promenade at Long Branch was an assortment of people from white trash the denizens of Deal & points north.

So, this poster decided to use their own words to describe a large range of people. The location the poster is speaking about has been plagued in recent years for “pop up parties” and other unauthorized events which have turned into small riots if you will.

The poster is speaking of their experience, if he views the people this way, who is he offending? Are the members here telling me the comment “white trash” is worse than “Fuck” as a reply? I fail to see how one term is acceptable and the other is deemed unacceptable"?

I honestly fail to see how the phrase being used, NOT towards anyone in particular, but to describe a range of people to be a violation of terms.

If you truly do find it so offensive you can’t bear to have the words visible on the site, then please contact @sck who owns the site. He can take down the post if he finds this is breaking any rules. I reviewed this now 2X’s and fail to find this post offensive in any way.


@NotJrvedivici Though I, myself, wouldn’t use them, the words describing the group as well as curse words don’t offend me. The only reason I flagged the quoted post is because the original post was removed. So, I actually agree with you.

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The term “white trash” is indeed offensive to me, as would be any other derogatory term generalizing a group of people. Perhaps Jersey mods have different sensitivities

And I did flag the original post, @sck, and am appalled that it is up again.


Oh, my. Think of the children! I wonder just how many kids below the age of 12 post here, but teaching them to look down on fellow human beings is the family-friendly way, amirite?

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Thank goodness someone has the intellect to understand my point
I didn’t mean to imply anything other than my observations. There seems to be 2-3 members here who are constantly reporting my posts & now somehow a curse word is part of a post here.
No one has been slandered by me or have I ever been accused of being prejudice!!
Take my opinion and move on no need to get into the gutter over some French Fries And I thank you very much Sir


Good to know, been avoiding AP for awhile now. As a former resident & onetime investor I am no longer interested in buying into the current AP vibe Shoutout to people that heaven forbid don’t like how I might describe the “New Vibe” people

If the simple use of the term is offensive to you when it is being used as a general statement NOT towards any actual person(s), you are correct we have different sensitivities. There is nothing I can do about that.


Such a sensitive flower

FYI it was taken down because it was deemed “offensive” by the original person who flagged it. So, the system automatically removes it from public view until it can be reviewed. In this case it was deemed non offensive, so the post is again viewable by the public.


Not sure about the new vibes vs any other but yeah certainly a “hip vibe” there.

Another thought, that I have had a good spritz at: https://www.albarinorestaurant.com/ not sure about their fry situation.

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Yes when I first saw that 2 people deemed wrong I thought maybe they were right
Then I re read it and felt it was accurate also 2-3 people seem to get their panties in a knot when I post on sites other than here. Most of you seem to get it. While some people have a very thin skin or just don’t have the ability to understand certain words in context and seem to nit pick.
Back to researching Aperol Spritz & French Fries.
Thank you group members who get it. I appreciate it.

Haven’t had an Aperol Spritz there but I do like the place.
Have to revisit that place soon, thanks

What does “white trash” mean? And what does “bennies” mean? (And please, don’t tell me to google, unless you want me to check out all the writing that refers to this as a slur that reinforces white supremacy and class hatred. I’d rather hear from you what you mean when you say it.)

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