Apella, Eatontown (NJ)


I doubt it will be a chain. It’s not large enough imo. I’ve had to park on the street several times. I don’t think any of the big chains would go for it. Maybe some type of breakfast spot would work. Who knows.

(Jeff) #102

I fairly recently asked one of the former owner of Apella why they closed since the food was so good and they seemed busy and the answer was while they were packed on the weekend the were too slow during the week to make it work economically without sacrificing the quality. I know I only went on the weekends.


Funny, the fact that it’s near Lowe’s or anything else doesn’t make a difference to me If the food is good!

(Eli Paryzer) #104

Viaggio is in an ugly strip mall and you have a great view facing a Burger King, and that hasn’t stopped them from packing it in. Good food & service negates everything else.


Drove past here tonight… the sign says Olive and Ivy…

(Junior) #106

Now Open!!!

(Mr met) #107

With no web presence whatsoever. Why let people know the menu, pricing, hours, etc. Def looks like a solid plan for a well run spot. Basically one good spot in 5 years in this location. Might need to add this to the cursed location thread proactively.


Website isn’t live yet, but there are some pics & reviews on their Facebook page.

(hcentro) #109

I love the review on Facebook that says one of the best restaurants in NJ. That was a quick ascension.

(David) #110

You should have kept reading, the full review said

one of the best restaurants in NJ, if I do say so myself

and it was signed “The Chef”



I don’t see much online. I went on Facebook using my friend’s account and saw 5 reviews I think.

Google images has 3 pics so far and the one pic does look really good. I agree, why not get a menu up and some WordPress webpage to promote your business. I don’t get it. :roll_eyes:

(Mr met) #112

All 5 FB reviews from 2 days ago. They opened today. Nothing fishy at all.


From Facebook:

(Junior) #114

That’s an odd menu, not sure how I feel about it. Nothing really tempting to me.

(Mr met) #115

Kinda slapdash. With greek spot here now too you need to do a good job here. They’ve done literally nothing to stand out or even announce thier presence. I hope they put more care into the kitchen than they do their marketing.


…and have someone proofread their menu…to me, typos say you really don’t care about me.

(Mr met) #117

I find it odd the datebook page brags about the wonderful owners and their experience and how much its a benefit to the restaurant; yet no website, no social media outside a very unhelpful FB page, some likely fake reviews, and as your pointed out; a litany of spelling mistakes on the menu, let alone the FB page…doesn’t look like a pro outfit at this point. Can’t imagine that this one will last…

(Mr met) #118

I give them points for trying something- but there is no cohesion to this menu at all, it’s trying to check a box from every spot; and when I think “Mediterranean”, I certainly think burger. I mean they couldn’t even do a greek burger- lamb and feta?