Apella, Eatontown (NJ)

Table Hopping With Rosie: A Wonderful Night Out at Apella in Eatontown


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Rosie, you were in my back yard and you didn’t let me know!! I’ve been to Apella many times and I can agree it is certainly one of the better values in the area. Quality and fresh food at decent prices in a comfortable atmosphere. I’ve had the lamb shank myself and loved it, but why no picture of the mixed grill? I actually have a standing dare with corvettejohnny that I couldn’t finish that meal myself. I’ve got to get there to give it a shot.

Nice review, thanks. (next time let me know when you are in the area!!)

I was there for lunch this past Sunday w a friend who hadn’t been and she freaked out over how good it was. And it was! Love the whole vibe of the place, too.

I’m pretty sure “Rosie” is a bot. :wink:

I enjoyed Apella too! What did you get?



It all makes sense now.

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We had dinner at Apella in May. I thought the food was good but not rave-worthy. I compared it to Anemos, which is less than 5 minutes from our house, and which we’ve been to twice (one lunch, one dinner). At Anemos, there was one disappointment. The whole grilled branzino was overcooked. At Apella, they were out of branzino, so we had the whole grilled daurade. I don’t like it as much as branzino, but it was cooked perfectly. Otherwise, I think the food at Anemos overall is better than Apella’s. Ergo, no need for us to schlep to Middletown when we’re in the mood for Greek food.

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Just so we’re sure we’re all talking about the same place, Apella is on Rt 35 in Eatontown…

I’ve enjoyed everything from the Gigantes to gyros and souvlaki…waiting to go w a few people so we can get the mixed grill!

Yes, Eatontown and here is a picture of the mixed grill.


@corvette_johnny That is calling my name!! I’m doing it this week!!

@CurlzNJ Re: Apella. My mistake. I should have written Eatontown, not Middletown. Unfortunately, the edit window has closed.

No worries! Just wondered if you were talking about a totally different place!

I said it in the Greek thread, but having left an excellent Greek place (Stamna) when I moved from NNJ, I was thrilled to see that the owners of Apella are from the same island (Karpathos), so they have some of the same authentic dishes (Makarounes, for instance) on their menu.

Totally irrelevant to the discussion, but my teen boys like to mess around with wait staff. One orders a Coke and the other a Pepsi and then they wait for a reaction. When we went to Apella the waiter’s reaction was “no problem.” No idea what soda they were served, but it made for a good laugh. Need to get back.


The waitress said she has never seen a couple polish off the whole thing (which comes with a nice sized side dish and a healthy serving of tzaziki and pita.) I’m looking to get back soon to see if my uncle and I can demolish this thing. He can eat.

I think I mentioned this, but possibly consider ordering it medium rare if you can. It was all cooked a little too much for me, even from a “medium” perspective.

I had that happen at Local Smoke, the tables are rather close, we actually split our table into 2 two tops from the 4 people who sat there before us. So the couple at the next table had the BBQ and paper towels, so we had to “borrow” and we were chatting. I explained what a bargain this was compared to Surf, then the asked what my wife and I odered, I answered; “She got the pulled chicken and I got The Pig Out Platter”. They smiled and nodded as both our tables were served and they also got The Pig Out Platter, to share! Lol

Let us know if you want or need company!

Well actually I lied no way I can make it this week, but very possibly next week. My only problem is my dinner schedule is almost day by day depending on evening appointments. I will certainly keep you posted! Question will you actually cheer me on if I take the Mixed Grill Challenge!?!? I wonder if they can get a t-shirt made for me!!

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