Apella, Eatontown (NJ)


Doh! I missed that lol. Thanks. Hopefully it won’t be Italian


If Tomo is connected to Tomo’s In East Hanover, this is MAJOR news. If not, best signage in Monmouth County! :blush:


Wow. I don’t even really know what to say about that sign situation lol.

Another Japanese place…lets get a petition going to bring more Italian and Japanese restaurants to this county!


That begs the question: What kinds of restaurants do we need more of? I’d like (in no particular order)

a fantastic diner (a la Mastoris)
a czech/hungarian restaurant
an Indonesian one
Another Paleo one (I love Cave Bistro in Avon)
a clam shack
a crab shack
And In and Out Burger

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Japanese Steakhouse with Authentic Greek Cuisine, talk about a fusion restaurant! (joke) Nice catch on this, I hadn’t noticed the sign change. Seriously though with in a two mile radius you have:


With a few Thai / Chinese places in between. (Far East, Bancock House, Sultan Wok) Not so sure the area is really in need of another Japanese Steakhouse.

@CoachDonna While I agree Mastoris is a wonderful diner, I think what makes it so wonderful is there is only one. Not sure I would want another one near us, plus the place is so unique I’m not sure it really qualifies as just a diner.

A Crab Shack, perhaps if you were more attentive to your crabby desires Joe’s wouldn’t have gone out of business!!! (kidding I hated that place)

FYI The fried clams at The Chowda Pot in Red Bank is a bit of a local favorite. Just a FYI


I will add The Chowda Pot to my “to eat at” ever-growing list.

I went to Joe’s once. That was too much. (insert shudder) We occasionally go to Blue Craw in Burlington…but that’s so far. http://www.crabeatery.com/

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True story, I was a member of Chowhound but wasn’t really an active member. After I went to Joe’s Crab shack in Eatontown, I was so pissed off and offended by the entire experience I re-joined (I had forgotten my log in info) to Chowhound just to write a scathing review. It was SO BAD.

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I presume you know it has closed.


I think you guys are referring to chowda house in red bank.

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Correct my apologies the Chowda House, not Pot as previously stated. Good catch CJ. (The old Chowder Pot was on 36 at the Yellow Rose Diner location correct?)

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Am I the only one here who is outraged they have destroyed a landmark??

@NotJrvedivici completed the amazing food challenge of @corvette_johnny with aplomb at Apella and they have the nerve to fail as a business? Had I known I would have eaten there every night…

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Hahahahahahaaaaa well I do credit my feat at extending their stay possibly an additional six months. Word of my achievement had spread like wild fire in the area, bringing in hordes of people. Perhaps if they offered a T-shirt with my depiction on it, as I had suggested to them, they would have gotten more millage out of it.

I had made it clear I would never do the Apella challenge again, I never said I wouldn’t do a TOMO35 challenge!!!


The TSTBBQ challenge is still waiting for it’s first winner. So far people aren’t even trying much they said. Lots of inquiries and take out, but not many challengers. I snapped this pic last week

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The rest of the sign is completed, it says something like;

Sushi-Hibachi-Black Stone-Massage
(ok I was fumbling with my phone trying to get a pic I might have misread that last one)


Deleting this one. Lol

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Well the Japanese steakhouse that opened where Apella was is closed and the temp sign say a Mediterranean restaurant is coming soon


Interesting. There seems to be an influx of them, which is good. I like the food but I’ve been praying for a Korean place around here.

Maybe they will have a mixed grill lol :smile:


HA! I logged on to post this…a friend drove past last night and told me about the new sign. What’s the problem with this location? Is it that they don’t have a liquor license? I’d think that would be an incentive for people to go if the food is good, but I know you’ve all said everything that opens has a problem there.


I don’t get it either. That strip of road gets ton of traffic. There is a similar place in Middletown that is now mjs and it is thriving. I think the old theory about Monmouth County is true. Have passable food and a liquor license and you are good!

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I think it’s a crappy location for upscale dining. Also this tomo spot looked like a joke from the beginning. I don’t know one person who went there and the yelp spam they produced was beyond obvious. The. Greek was place seemed to close after some mismanagement if i recall, owner took a really long break and was surprised staff all left when he came back if I remember.
Maybe a decent place with strong management would thrive but when I want a nice night out I don’t think of overlooking Lowe’s for romantic dinner. Let’s be honest it’ll prob end up a chain at some point with all that parking.