Apella, Eatontown (NJ)


The mixed grill has gyro meat but not in a pita. I’m not a gyro expert but the meat here is fantastic in my opinion. They serve pita bread and sauce that is top notch.

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Yes I did pass on it, after telling my wife I was specifically going for that platter. As you know I’m not a big seafood guy, but any seafood I have had tried or tasted here has been excellent.

I’m in for a trip!

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So I have eaten at both Melody’s in Lincroft and Appella, and between the two I would have to give the nod to Melody’s. Melody’s is just a little fresher in terms of taste, I would eat an old boot covered in their tsatziki.

I also really like Niko’s Trapezi, so I’m thinking I may need to go to back to all three, order similar dishes, and do the compare.

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@VikingKaj, Having not heard of Melody’s, I Googled and found the notation that it has closed. Since the website is still up, I called and got the automated recording that the phone number is “temporarily disconnected.”

Have you been to Anemos, in Manalapan? We’ve been twice, one lunch and one dinner. While the whole branzino was a bit overcooked, everything else we’ve had there has been very tasty.

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Wow, that came as a shocker. I was just there maybe 3-4 weeks ago with the wife. It’s too bad, they were good.

There is something jinxed with that space. Other than Luigi’s nobody seems able to make it work.


What has been good at Nikos lately? I haven’t been in a while.

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Me neither, that’s why I need to go back. I thought they were good when they started.

Very sad about Melody’s. I tried to get some buzz going on the other site, but apparently too little too late.

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I knew I read about this somewhere on here…I passed here over the weekend and Melody’s is definitely closed, but there is another Greek Restaurant operating out of the location. They put up a new sign for the plaza that caught my attention, there is a Greek restaurant but the name is NOT Melody’s, I will have to look more carefully the next time I pass.

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Stamna is the restaurants name. Third location I believe.

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They have a menu already for Lincroft:


Is it open?

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Ahhhhh yes you are correct!! If it’s a third location I assume it’s different ownership now. Let’s see if third time is a charm!!


Interesting…I’ll have to put this on my list.

Seal, do you know exactly how many kinds of meat are in the mixed grill at apella? I remember at least 5.

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IIRC, it was a LOT of beef/lamb gyro meat, two lamb chops, two beef patty/burgers, a decent amount of sausage, about a skewers worth of grilled lamb cubes and a lot of dry chicken


Waaaaaitaminute. STAMNA??? That’s the Greek restaurant I miss in NNJ!

I’m going to do some further digging, but it’s the same name and this would be their third location…



Yes next time I am asking them to cook it rare and it will come out probably close to medium…if they listen at all. That is usually what I do with burgers. Order rare and they come out medium rare. If you order medium rare them come out medium at most spots

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Hopefully with a fork, and report soon to follow. They did say on the website that this is the 3rd location.


Was busy at MetLife with Bruce last night :sunglasses:, but HOLY CRAP it’s them!! The menu is up on their site http://www.stamnataverna.com/lincroft-menu.php but I don’t see anything about an opening yet. SOOOOO happy about this!

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(my wife was at the show last night too, said it was a great night)




I almost want to start a kebab thread now. I’m making some spiedies today! Any spiedie fans? …Not exactly Greek but it reminds me of the cuisine :slight_smile:

I’ll get some finished product photos up later tonight :grin: the cast iron pan is just to hold the bag in case it leaks lol