Apella, Eatontown (NJ)

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This very original post:

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That is very strange. Rosie regularly provides links to her restaurant openings and reviews here. She is a valued member of our community, so I can’t think of any reason for someone to flag her post.

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Agreed. Rosie has been doing food writing for a long time, no?


LOL A very long time… Before computers!

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When I first moved to NJ in '97 were you writing for a newspaper at that point? APP perhaps?

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Ohhhh I see now. Someone is hating on Apella? Must be their competition.


I used to work for nj.com writing restaurant reviews and monitoring their food forum.


A t shirt? We are going to get you your own eating club leather jacket with a 1%er patch!

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This was tonight



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Poppa ain’t foolin around tonight!

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I’ve been hearing good things about Taverna Ouzo over in Monroe as well. Here’s a link: http://www.tavernaouzo.com/ We haven’t been there yet but I aim to try it in the not too distant future.


Nope! And PS, I did notice that you used the DECAF…like you wouldn’t sleep after eating that…! :joy:

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FYI I think I mistakenly flagged your post while intending to like it. An odd screen I haven’t seen before popped up, I hit my back button, don’t think I finished flagging it but not sure.

If you get any notifications it was me and it was a mistake, sorry.


It was flagged by the community as promotional and was hidden by the system. Rosie, in the past I have had conversations with some NJ board participants about their concerns that your posts are promotional in nature with relatively little material to encourage discussions here. Given your past involvement on eGullet and NJ.com, you are in a unique place to understand the community concerns. Everyone, I’d highly recommend that you engage in a conversation on what’s considered acceptable vs promotional, and work out a mutually agreeable solution. Thanks.

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Ok So I"m confused. I went back to Apella last night, I was mentally prepared to take on the “@CorvetteJohnny” Mixed Grill Challenge. I remembered seeing this picture of a plate loaded with just meat…(maybe some onions) but when I read the menu it said it was a couple of gyro’s and the platters of meat. I didin’t want to order it and be stuck with a couple of gyro’s I probably wouldn’t eat, were there gyro’s in addition to this picture? Is this the Captain Mike’s Mixed Grill for two, or is this a different mixed grill?

Anywho…I got the shrimp and scallops kebab’s they were very good. Honestly the food just tastes so fresh I really enjoy it. Wife got the grilled salmon special over broccoli rabe’ , let me tell you, this was about the best broccoli rabe’ I have ever had out. (of course I like mine at home the best) Top notch.

Another good meal here…

@corvette_johnny (added this to tag you it didn’t seem to work in the body of the text)


We had the Captain Mike’s Mixed Grill for two.

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Where there gyro’s included not pictured?

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I think they call the gyro meat, “gyros”, not referring to full on sandwiches.

Pita an tzatziki are served on the side. (at least that’s how it was when I ordered it a few months ago)


Jr you’re killing me! Lol.

If I read this correctly, you passed on the mixed grill? Well I’m glad you had a nice meal. We should get a few heavy hitters and order a few mixed grill dishes. You name the time!