Anything to be done with previously frozen yogurt?

So I have this delicious quart of local, homemade greek yogurt (Sophia’s for anyone in the Boston area). It’s supposedly 2% although there have been whole CH threads devoted to how the stuff eats like a million calories. Through a strange sequence of events, it ended up being put in the freezer. After defrosting it, it’s grainy and kind of separated. I just hate to throw it out. Any thoughts?

First try whipping the crap out of it with an immersion blender, maybe add a splash of milk or half and half to see if that smooths it out.
If somehow that doesn’t do it then it should still be salvageable for smoothies- just add something like banana or avocado to be sure it has a more smooth mouthfeel.

Worst case scenario you could use it for a marinade or bake in a yogurt loaf quick bread…

My first response is to use the yogurt as your marinade for Tandoori chicken, an Indian braise, or some other application where the yogurt is a supporting actor and not the star of the show. That yogurt is really too good to be low-fat isn’t it? Or maybe she really does start with 2% milk but then reduces and strains it so much you can’t tell anymore.

Brilliant! Just had some delicious smoothies with the yogurt, frozen bananas and honey. It’s so indulgent that we usually use it a dollop at a time, or on a morning bagel, so these smoothies were really a treat.

[quote=“smtucker, post:3, topic:1360”]
as your marinade for Tandoori chicken
[/quote]and the rest has been blended with red curry paste and sea salt, and is marinating with a family pack of chicken drumsticks. Thanks, all- I’m sure Sophia would approve!

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I love Yogurt marinated chicken great move

I was going to suggest baking with it in place of milk but sounds like you have it covered

I think you have done well! You will get some delicious meals from that Sophia’s yogurt. I, too, hate waste. I commend you for not “wasting” such as special ingredient.