Anything good in Edison?

Indian, Korean, Chinese, or anything else along those lines. Full service please, not cafeteria-ish. I like Hot Space but we frequent the one in Brooklyn

Stick with Indian if you’re in Edison. The whole town is basically an outpost of India in the United States. It even smells like India (and I mean this in a good way).

I don’t have specific restaurants to recommend, sorry, but if you want, I can ask my South Indian friends who live not far from there.


If you search Edison just on the NJ board, you’ll see a bunch of threads with info on where to eat AND where to shop… If you then add a reply asking if anyone has updates, it will bump the thread up and people will likely chime in.

And this old NYT article is one I refer to; I had the pleasure of knowing Floyd (what a huge loss), so I promise you can trust his recommendations - just confirm they’re still open.


Certainly no shortage of great food up there around Edison, especially Indian cuisine :grinning:. Personally, just to try and offer a possible starting point, I’ve enjoyed eating several times at Bombay Blue which is at 1963 Oak tree Road … that general locale is definitely the epicenter of wonderful restaurants of various flavors. —Moghul, and Ming, are also restaurants relatively nearby which are well-regarded for Indian and Pan-Asian offerings so you won’t have to look too far afield! Enjoy :clinking_glasses:


Thank you. I met Floyd in his last venture in Manhattan. Huge loss indeed.

Some of the places in that link are closed unfortunately.

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We ended up at Mejwaani, specializing in Maharashtrian cuisine. I wasn’t too sure as I dug deeper into what Maharashtrian food is all about and almost changed plans, but it turned out to be really enjoyable from start to finish.
When we arrived at 5:30 when they opened after their lunch-dinner break, we literally interrupted a staff nap.
By 7 it was a full house with us being the only non-Indian. The waiter helped us navigate the menu and made some sound suggestions, although insisted on us toning it down a few notches even after we repeatedly said we can handle spice.

The highlights: Vada Pav, a surprisingly brilliant potato burger. Like a Falafel-Samosa love child. Kharvas, a complex pudding-like dessert. Nice flower and herb notes. Other desserts like the ice cream were outstanding as well. Other solid dishes were the samosas, familiar dishes (we couldnt help ourselves) like Butter Chicken, Navratan Korma, Shrimp Biryani, all very solid and fresh. No dry, overcooked protein anywhere. Even the garlic naan was above average.

The less than stellar for our tastes were some other regional dishes like the Pomfret fish fry. The fish fries seem very popular here, but we are just not fans I suppose after trying them in other places as well. We also didnt quite get the appeal of the Vade, or just the Vade part of the Kombadi Vade combo which is a puffed bread snack made with rice flour. The Indian Gnocco Fritto if you will. The Malvani Chicken Curry was fine. Not much cream use in this region which is fine with us as long as the soupy curries have some complexity. It was ok for dipping stuff

Good service, ambiance, very comfortable. Highly recommend


Good review sounds like I should visit thanks

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Cuisine or the Quarter in these parts is currently Mahrashtrian, you could share your meal there.

Thanks for the review! I haven’t been to Edison in… 20 years? Glad someone is showcasing Marathi food! (Vada Pav is iconic, just fyi)

Re Vade — have you had Puris before? Vade are similar, but unique to the Konkan coast

(Iwonder if the Kharvas was really Kharvas or they used regular milk — it’s a specialty made from colostrum.)

Thanks for confirming! That’s what I thought they sounded like (I used to date an Indian guy and DAMN I still miss his mom’s cooking…)!

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Thanks for the Cuisine of the quarter link. I’m still in discovery mode.

Cant say I ever had Puris, or at least I dont remember

The Kharvas here is more like a pudding. Past pictures show it both yellow and white top. We got the latter

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Couple new places in Edison that I am aware of:

  1. Kura Sushi - It’s a new restaurant in the already overcrowded HMart plaza. It’s a chain and lines are long. They do revolving sushi. If you are not familiar with it, you basically sit next to a conveyor belt of sushi (and other dishes). You just grab whatever you like and they will charge you by plate. This restaurant format is quite popular in Asia. I only been to the Kura in Fort Lee. Food is okay but it’s a fun way to eat especially if you have kids. You get a prize for every 15 plate :slight_smile:

  2. Wonton Guy
    This place is a small space in one of the strip malls right outside HMart, right off Rt 27.
    It serves authentic Hong Kong style wonton noodles. It’s basically closest thing to a Hong Kong style noodle shop in NJ that i am aware of. The noodle, wonton (with shrimp and pork filling), and broth does really taste like what you would get in a HK noodle shop. The only other topping i tried is the beef brisket which is very good also. They don’t have much choices in the menu. Most people just go there for a wonton noodles. Been there a couple times and really enjoyed it.

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Edison is the best food town in NJ, there are so many places and new ones keep popping up, it’s hard to keep track.

I love Hot Space but you’ve had that already. Wu’s dumpling is awesome, even though I kind of hate their new setup. But definitely go get some pork and crab soup dumplings, easily the best in the area.

I don’t know much about Malaysian food but I really enjoy going to Coco.

I like going to the Indian food court in Iselin too. There are two, I like the shitty one better than the nice one.

@ycf04 I went to Kura in Fort Lee too… it’s ok. It seems like it’s going to be cheap but the next thing I know I had rung up like a 40$ tab. Like you said the food is just ok. It’s a fun experience though. Thanks for the wonton guy rec I’ll have to check it out!


Yeah someone needs to tell Wu’s that the pandemic is over. But they probably have their reasons.
I do go there from time to time to pick up the rice cakes with pork dish. But I cant see myself eating soup dumplings other than inside the restaurant. Just never done it.