Anyone know a knife shop that fixes these?

Brooklyn or Manhattan preferred!

uhmmm, what does the “life time warranty” cover?

So that’s a no from you.

What’s wrong with it/them?

You could try asking at Yanagi Knife in Sunset Park. Their focus is Japanese knifewear, but the owner has studied all kinds of knife-making traditions. If he can’t fix it, he probably knows someone who can.

Thanks! I’!! pass that along.

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The blade is loose, and the knife’s owner says it looks held together with tiny brass pins.

Try contacting Laguiole USA
Laguiole is a top French knife maker, and they should provide the service.


Thanks, but they will only repair knives purchased online, and this one was bought in person in Vichy, decades ago.

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Have you contacted the official Laguiole manufacturers in France? They might be able to help:

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My friend has tried, yes. It’s not a straightforward process, sending the knife back & forth is time consuming and expensive, and he’s looking for an easier, cheaper, closer solution.

OK, understood… Bonne chance :o)


These are fixed blade knives, yes? If so, the blade can’t come loose.

What may have happened is that the handle scale(s) have loosened. These ARE in fact, held in place by pins. The heads of these pins are swelled by hammering (“peening”), or spinning, and that’s mechanically what holds the scales on. I would think an adhesive was also used.

The fix may be as simple as getting some epoxy into the gaps and then clamping the scales/blade together until it dries. Then I would have someone respin the pins. There are simple drillbits for this, but you need a drillpress.

If the pins have broken and or the scales or bolsters have been damaged, the fix is more involved and it may not be worth it.

Your friend should consult fellow Hound Greg at knifesavers.

How do I find this person?

Crap, I’ve forgotten his handle. If you search “knives” here, he’d be there, guranteed. And I’d recognize the name.

I did, there’s way too much to slog through. If the name comes to you, let me know.

You can try Korin and see if they can help, otherwise, a knife manufacturer like Geoff Feder (, Joel Burkowicz ( or Moriah Cowles at Orchard Steel and see if they would repair it for you.

Good luck!

Thanks! I will pass that along. Except for Korin, I already suggested that.

Will do. Greg’s a semi-regular here. He may see the thread. Or Chem or Scubadoo may know.