Anyone Here Collect Time/Life Good Cook Series?

(DeMarko) #1

I realize these are very old books, but there is truly a treasure trove in each and every one. Also, written by the mid - century greats: MFK Fisher, Elizabeth David, Richard Olney and others.

I have finally completed my set through thrift shopping and Amazon. In my zeal to get all in the series, I mistakenly bought some duplicates.

If anyone has an interest in these, I will happily mail within the US, book rate. I’ll post the titles of the dupes if any interest.


(Jimmy ) #2

Any Asian inspired duplicates?


(equal opportunity eater in the NC Triangle) #3

The series is set up by ingredient category. There may be some Asian included but not as a broad focus. It is an excellent series and was written by some of the best.



One of my earliest jobs was selling those on the phone! Now I’m going to be wondering why I didn’t keep some.

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Are these still available? I’m just starting out collecting these and I’d love to take them!

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(DeMarko) #6

Welcome to Hungry Onion! Yes qinglish they are still available. Please message me your mailing address and the titles you already have and/or the ones you need.