Anyone have experience cooking (and eating) camel meat?

If you do, please share.

I am tempted to get some, but have no context for how it is.

Thank you.

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Just the toe.

lol! :trophy:

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In camel eating cultures the hooves and lower legs are stewed until tender. (Photo of hooves I made in Albania in 2015)

Re camel meat, I remember it was very strong tasting, and certainly not tender. But everything yak I ate/drank in Tibet took the biscuit in terms of unfamiliar intense smell and taste. The fried yak cheese was great (just wash it down with something strong, like when you eat fermented shark in Iceland).

Camel meat is common in Morocco. There are butchers and there are camel butchers (specialising in only camel meat and products).

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Apparently there is “camel filet mignon” … I wonder if that would also be “not tender”

Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Australian and NZ lamb is too mild. The camel is probably the same.

The meats in Morocco are strong smelling and tasting. Tender cuts are not common. Glad to have Turkish butchers here. They have proper lamb/goat/other meats. None of the mild stuff from OZ/NZ.