Anyone Have an Auto-Chlor?

I know this is a longshot, but I thought I’d ask if anyone here has an Auto-Chlor or similar hood-type dishwasher.

What prompted me was my scullery duty last night at my social fraternity’s dinner service. I’d used one decades ago in my college frat’s kitchen, but I’d forgotten how fast and easy (?) it is for one person to knock out load after load of flatware and cookware.

They’re not pretty to look at, and they definitely don’t blend in, but if I won powerball, I might install one in the butlers’ (I’ll have 3) pantry.


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I do not have one but have worked in many a Kitchen that does.
They do make Single Rack Ventless and Under-counter Models which are made to run without a dedicated Hood.
I am still not sure if they would be appropriate in a non-commercial setting.

We had one at our church, it was a PITA. It seems it broke down too often and that may because we only used it once a week for just a few loads.

Last night I must’ve run at least 100 loads considering all the plates, trays, salad bowls, cutlery, utensils and hotel and buffet pans and covers. Pretty sure there must be a cycle counter somewhere that determines a maintenance schedule. And I bet there’s a contract for regular service and chemicals. Undoubtedly uses an irresponsible volume of water.

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I’d love a mini home version, those 2 minute cycles make clean-up so quick and easy.

We have a Hobart at church with a similar design. Slide the loaded tray in one side and a couple of minutes later pull it out of the perpendicular side. I thought it would be a blast from the past and take me back to dining hall and restaurant days, but the Hobarts of today are better and easier than the ones we used half a century ago.


There is definitely a Load Counter and Contract for regular service and Chemicals if desired.
I have never seen one in a home though. Your Home Owners Insurance may not dig it either.

BITD, we had an old clinker (c. 1940’s ?) of a dishwasher at a large summer camp I worked at that I had to crawl partially into to power wash the innards. I don’t know how many years of grease the 4 hour process took but it was quite an improvement on the output of the clean dishes and such. No owner’s manual, and if it broke, as it did a few times, we were washing dishes and such for many hours.