Anyone Have a Killer Pickled Beet Recipe?

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Canned or fresh, doesn’t matter.



the simple life -

trim tops and root

half water + half apple cider vinegar
0.5 cups sugar per 2 cups of liquid
simmer the beets unpeeled in the liquid until tender
add sliced onion if desired
remove, cool to handle, peel
store in the red stuff, refrigerated.

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Thanks. Have you canned any done this way?


canned - no

we do 'em “fresh” - sliced w/ sliced onion
it’ll keep 2-4 weeks easy in the fridge.

usda hot pack for beets is more involved - they cook, discard water, then reheat in 2x the vinegar ratio before canning, etc.

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So the water:vinegar ratio for filling the jars goes to what? TIA


had to look it up, not in my regular repertoire…

page 15 of


My favorite are Rozeanne Gold’s Magic Beets. I use the cryovac roasted beets from Costco plus the juice in the package. An egg slicer makes for faster prep. Super quick and lasts several weeks in the fridge.

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ohoh - re-reading my first post…

I don’t like to simmer the onions - mooshy onions not to my taste -
the directions should more clearly say:

“after the beets have cooked and the liquid is still hot but cooling, add sliced onion if you wish
(I like a zingy yellow type)”

it takes about 24 hrs to get pretty purple-red onions bits…



I read that as “pickled beef” and wanted to ask if that wasn’t an oxymoron. I’m having one of those days!

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It’ll be 24 hours…right now! Thanks again.

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Tried ZH’s recipe pickled beets last night, an they’re really good. Thanks Again!

Have you tried dumping in a few garlic cloves as well?



not garlic - wonder how those tastes would combine…?
glad you enjoyed the recipe!

the usual and customary suspects for beets:
beets - CLOVES
beets - ROSEMARY
beets - SAVORY
beets - TARRAGON

the horseradish I’d hold off for a shredded beet salad


I’ve really been getting into the PBS series A Chef’s Life

Vivian has an episode devoted to beets. Figured you may want to watch


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Cool, thanks Scubadoo.



If you are ever in Eastern NC their restaurant is really good!

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I have adapted the one from the Blue Book - it’s very good.

1 Quart each vinegar & water
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 Cinnamon sticks
1 T whole Allspice
1 T whole Cloves

Bring to a boil & then simmer 20 mins.

I use about 75% Beets & 25% onions. Cook & slice the beets, Slice the onions, pack into hot sterile jars, add brine & process 10 mins for pints, 20 mins for quarts.


Pickled beets in raspberry vinegar, I need to yet find the recipe. Always buy them in shops. There’s a harmony between the acidity and the sweetness of beet. The earthy taste of beet is somewhat masked.

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Well, ZH’s excellent recipe is 1:1 cider vinegar and water. Why not try the same ratio with raspberry vinegar?

(John) #20

Raspberry vinegar is pretty easy to make too. 1:1 is a pretty typical ratio for pickling.