Anyone Had a Dishmaster?

So, I’m looking to replace a worn-out kitchen faucet set at the beach house, and I’ve always been intrigued by these.

Anyone who’s had one, what do you think?


Just looks like another thing that would cause more headache than necessary. More moving parts and more things to break or get worn out and replaced. Easy enough to just use elbow grease!

Maybe. They’ve been a success since 1947 though (and the designs look like it!).

Still like to hear from someone who’s had one…

We looked at them (the one with the big box shape,) for our kitchen (last remodeled in 1955, which is perfect for us,) and the reviews we read on vintage restoration sites weren’t very good. People weren’t happy with the quality.

I recommend Googling for reviews of the specific model you’re looking at.