Anyone ever use the Butterball Help-Line?

It is available for your turkey questions right thru Thanksgiving. Is it helpful?

According to Wikipedia, it gets 200,000 calls each year, mostly about defrosting.
It’s been around for 35 years, so SOMEBODY finds it useful. It’s been the topic of TV and radio puff pieces. The lines are staffed mostly by older, experienced, and very patient home cooks with a talent for calmly reassuring distraught roast turkey “virgins” who don’t have a grandmother to guide them through the process.

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That is some beautiful prose. I coul write an entire book around that phrase.


You know I called them once, but they had no experience with latex or handcuffs, so I had to handle it on my own.

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I didn’t call them, but I did use their handy turkey size calculator to figure out what size turkey I needed for this year’s gathering. They calculate for adults and kids, and ask if you want leftovers. Very handy. I also liked that they give both conventional oven and convection oven roasting times.

Oh, and President Bartlett called them in a Thanksgiving episode of The West Wing.

Nope, but I think my friends did when I was at their house - a long time ago.

Talk show host Stephen Colbert took a turn on the Butterball Help Line this week. Funny! Those callers probably did not get the help they expected…