Anyone cook from "Extra Helping" by Janet Elsbach?

I just borrowed a copy of “Extra Helping” by Janet Elsbach from the library. I’ve been browsing through it this morning and I immediately fell in love with it. No bells and whistles (no food photography whatsoever; decidedly coffee table-resistant in the same vein as Moosewood books, which I also love; cozy woodcut print used throughout). Instead, Elsbach shares personal history stories of illness, births, deaths that she ties back to food, written with plain, lovely language while completely avoiding emotional/self-help territory.

My brother and his family are coming from NY this coming weekend to visit my dad in RI, who is having serious health issues. And mom needs me to feed everyone (6 adults, 3 toddlers). I will largely stick to tried-and-true dishes, but I’d love to try at least 1 or 2 dishes from this book. I don’t have time to test any recipes. I can tell I’m going to enjoy cooking from it; my question is, has anyone cooked from this book? If not, I’ll close my eyes, point at something in the TOC and hope for the best!

Extra Helping link

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I haven’t cooked from the book or heard of it until now… just wanted to say my thoughts are with you and your family, i am sure your father will appreciate the support.
For cooking i would be most temped to make cozy dishes from my mother’s recipe box of family favorites.
Are there breakfast recipes? I feel like everyone appreciates a hot breakfast and yet rarely makes one for themselves.


I’m not familiar with the book, either, digga. I also want to wish you all well during this challenging time. And I’m sure your food with be a source of comfort and connection for everyone.

And, I just might have to check this book out!

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