Any waffle recipes you like ?

I’m breaking out my G.E . waffle maker on Sunday . The one that makes the four waffle squares in one . I have some nice bacon , coffee , and a morning football game on TV . Any ideas for a nice recipe .I have made the Betty Crocker recipe …Make it about once a year . I like them ; But have have looked into others that separate the egg whites and whisk and also may use butter milk. ? Not sure on those . Thanks

I like this waffle recipe from ATK:

Haha- no recipe to share but one of my biggest cooking faux pas was thinking that a pancake recipe was interchangeable with a waffle recipe. Geez was that fun to clean off the waffle iron!!

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I regularly make the one from the old Joy of Cooking (1975 edition). Light and fluffy with egg whites. I also find that using oat flour makes light crispy waffles. Usually I just buzz some rolled oats in a spice/coffee grinder.

Here is a version of that recipe from Epicurious, though it doesn’t mention separating the eggs and folding in the beaten whites last. You should definitely do that step. I do agree with their comment on using butter on the low end of the range.

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I know this is over the top, but once having a tasted a true Liege waffle, it is impossible to go back. They are such calorie bombs, that I cannot image eating them with bacon. In fact, I don’t know that I would eat them for breakfast at all. About 4 in the afternoon is more like it (after playing a football game, not watching one!). But they are divine. Maybe sometime when you have a lot of time on your hands:

We have a Cuisinart Griddler with waffle plates. We like the basic waffle recipe that came in the instruction booklet: (no separating the eggs).

And for non-breakfast waffles, this is absolutely the best falafel I’ve ever had:
The “Will It Waffle?” cookbook is pretty entertaining as well, but the recipes have been hit-or-miss.

Many recipes need egg whites, meaning you need to make it and bake it instantly. This recipe from Christian Constant, his book - Les Cocottes, we make every other week, it can be made beforehand and kept in the fridge for several days. (Actually they are selling them in their restaurant in Paris)

Here it goes: (use the special HO globe icon below in for translation from French to English)

Waffles in caramel, chocolate and whipped cream
(for 4 persons)

Pour la pâte à gaufres

  • 500g de farine tamisée
  • 7g de levure chimique
  • 5 œufs
  • 150g de beurre fondu
  • 80cl de lait demi-écrémé
  • 10g de sel

Pour la sauce caramel

  • 25cl de crème liquide
  • 30g de beurre demi-sel
  • 1 cuillerée à café de fleur de sel
  • 200g de sucre semoule

Pour la sauce chocolat

  • 750g de chocolat noir
  • 100g de cacao
  • 50cl de crème liquide
  • 50cl de lait demi-écrémé
  • 100g de sucre semoule

Pour la chantilly

  • 25cl de crème liquide très froide
  • 10g de sucre glace

Préparation : 40 minutes
Préparez la pâte à gaufres : dans un saladier, mélangez la farine avec la levure, le sel et le sucre. Dans un bol, battez les œufs puis ajoutez-les à la farine. Versez le lait dans le saladier pour délayer la pâte et incorporez le beurre fondu. Laissez reposer la pâte au frais pendant 1 heure 30.

Préchauffez le gaufrier. Réalisez la sauce caramel : faites fondre le sucre dans une casserole à feu doux afin d’obtenir un caramel bien coloré. Hors du feu, incorporez le beurre puis la crème. Portez le tout à ébullition et ajoutez la fleur de sel. élancez puis versez dans un petit pot. Gardez au chaud.

Confectionnez la sauce chocolat : dans un bol, concassez le chocolat. Portez le lait à ébullition avec la crème, le sucre et le cacao. Ajoutez les morceaux de chocolat et mélangez. Versez dans un petit pot et gardez le au chaud.

Réalisez la chantilly : fouettez la crème dans un récipient refroidi jusqu’à ce qu’elle devienne bien solide. Ajoutez le sucre glace.

Faites cuire les gaufres (selon votre gaufrier ou 4 minutes). Servez-les nappées de chantilly avec des petits pots de sauces caramel et chocolat.

If you like a slight sourdough tang, give these Yeast-raised waffles from Adam Ried of America’s test kitchen a try. They are prepped the night before and then 2 eggs are added in the morning, so breakfast is ready quickly and without any fuss. We have these several times a year and they have been a hit with everyone.

While we are on the subject, any favorite under $50 waffle makers. The last time I tried using our Cuisinart model the waffles stuck and stuck and stuck.

I have and like that round classic Cuisinart model. I still give a liberal spray with Pam or equivalent to both sides with every waffle. Overspray can be a bit messy to clean up on the rest of the appliance, but no sticking problems on the faces. I don’t ever scrub the waffle faces (maybe a rare rinse or a scrape with a wooden implement) and I think they get more and more non-stick with time. I regard a good preheat period as the equivalent of a high-temp oven cleaning. I have made potato waffle-like things with frozen TJ’s potato shreds only, and no sticking (after the Pam spray).

Despite what Diners, Drive Ins & Dives would lead one to believe, sticking a bunch of stuffing in a cheap waffle iron and trying to waffle it does not lead to a spectacular stuffing waffle. It leads to a waffle iron disaster. Anyone have success waffling Thanksgiving leftovers?

I’ve had the pearl sugar in my pantry for a few years now. I should really get it down and make these.

I noticed the tip in one of the blogs to turn off the waffle iron to complete the cooking if you are using pearl sugar, because most non-Belgian irons get too hot and burn the sugar if you don’t keep the temp down.

The liege waffles from SK Pretty good. I’ve made this twice. The second time I cut back on the butter because 14TBS made a waffle that was just too rich. The pics is the batch made with less butter…every it as good as the original recipie.

Ate some Belgium style liege waffles yesterday, It was more dense and heavy than the ones with raising agent or egg white. Both are good, I have a slight preference for lighter waffles. I saw the chef put a small dough inside his waffle machine, it’s not liquid at all.

I haven’t read that. Thanks!

Just read a blog today about using Puff pastry dough in your waffle iron. So Sunday it is going to be puff pastry waffles with strawberries and a side of bacon.

On a side note, anybody has tried vegetable waffle? I tried once with eggplant, it was not too cooked. (veggie might be too thick?) Or maybe, need a pre cooking. I think they can be quite nice… I saw some recipes with potato…

Sounds interesting, how did they turned out?

Rather than start a new thread, I’ll tag onto this. I just bought a little waffle iron and am wanting thin and crispy…and somewhat savory. The first two I’ve tackled pretty well, using less batter and the second time adding a little more milk. But my only savory try wasn’t…well, savory. Here’s the recipe for “Bacon Cheddar Waffles.”

Couldn’t taste anything other than waffle. This morning I brushed the maker with bacon drippings and added a little to the batter. Nice and light and crispy but still no other flavor. Any suggestions? TIA