Any Rose's Lime Marmalade Fans Out There?

Was wondering if any of you all like Rose’s Lime Marmalade? I ordered a jar and was disappointed at first, but it grew on me and now the jar’s almost empty. Would like to make my own from fresh limes because I think it would be better. Have only made marmalade from WS canned Seville oranges and didn’t like it at all. Will post after I make the fresh lime version.

Me! First had it in Britain and became a fan. So tangy good.

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I love it! Sometimes it is a little hard to find though.

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At school here in the UK in the 70s you were Mr. Popular if you had a jar in your tuck-box (I don’t think Nutella had really arrived). I still love it.

Ginger-Nut biscuits were also good currency. And vodka.

Like Robin, my love of it goes back years, although I havent bought any for ages. That’s because I’ve taken to buying marmalades at farmers markets rather than supermarkets but it was Rose’s that showed me marmalade doesnt have to be orange. The last two years, I’ve made Seville orange marmalade which I’m really pleased with as I like the way I’ve cut the peel quite thickly but I think I may have a try at another citrus fruit. The guy at the farmers market used to do a lemon, lime and grapefruit one which was nicely very sharp.

(Robin - ginger nuts? Were you never a Jaffa Cake guy?)

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Thanks all! Don’t think it’s widely marketed in my part of the world, but think it might be available in a specialty shop. I wound up having to order it and it did ship from the UK. It was very well wrapped in British newspapers inside the main box and was $$. Knew I had to try it though and anxious to make it from fresh. Orange marmalade can be found in every supermarket and is always pretty good but probably not as good as what’s available in GB.