Any recipe ideas for fresh Porcini and Chanterelles ?

After a great Thanksgiving weekend I ended up bringing home 3 pounds of Porcini and 2 pounds of Chanterelles from foraging . I was thinking about making a Lasagna with thin homemade noodles . That was the first idea to come to mind . If you have any other ideas, or recipes of what I should make with them that would be great . Thanks

I think both would shine in most any pasta dish - the porcini in particular. Porcini risotto is another tasty treat.

But most of the time, I just eat the chanterelles as is – sautéed in some rendered bacon fat along with shallots and lots of fresh parsley. Splash of white wine doesn’t hurt, either.

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Joy of cooking has a recipe for a vegetarian mushroom ragu over polenta that rocks, too.

I second porcini risotto, so good! Mushrooms omelettes are always good, with some parsley and garlic. You can also use them in creamy soup with crispy bacon. One pasta dish I never forget from La Tupina restaurant (Bordeaux), is with the porcini, bacons in cubes, big pieces of fois gras and rich creamy sauce with the penne rigate pasta, amazing.

I think the Tuscan dish of porcini and pappardelle – which are wide flat noodles – is great. For me, the wide flat noodles balance the mushrooms, and it is very easy to make. You can find recipes on line. Also, if you can get excellent waxy potatoes, baking porcini and potatoes is simple and lovely. Good olive oil is key to this dish.

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Where do you live that you can forage for these amazing fungi? I’m soooooo envious!!!

I would do a deeply flavored mushroom stock and then soup and just savor the mushroom flavors

I don’t live there , but visit friends in the town of Inglenook . About 5 miles north of Fort Bragg, CA on the coast .

The thanksgiving i attended had a simple amazing rustic style potato gratin with thick potato slices that kept their texture and a layer of sauteed chanterelles that flavored the whole dish

I love them most sauteed with a tiniest bit of soy sauce and generous good mild olive oil, then pile onto some toasty baguette

Be sure to make a good mushroom stock with all the leftover stems

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Thanks for all your replies . I mixed porcini and mussels together . A match made in heaven .