Any Powerball Food Fantasies?

I’d give a lot to food based charities such as Meals on Wheels, Food & Friends and SOME. I don’t think there’s any outrageously expensive food item that I would run out and buy, but it would be nice to go out to eat at a high-end restaurant and not even think about the bill.

Oh, and I’d eat more lobster rolls!

What would you do?


I would re-open my last restaurant which broke my heart to sell. Sadly due to the recession and my other business venture(s) requiring more of my time and attention, my hobby business had to go.

I would love to give most of it away helping kids and families throughout the world that are hungry and provide clean water to all.
That would be so f*cking cool to do…

Oh yeah, I would eat more lobster rolls, kumamoto oysters, King Crab legs and Ahi…

Do a world tour to eat in the worlds’ best restaurants. And return home to start working as a chef (despite my age!) opening a restaurant so even the people (non rich) can eat very well.

When I win on Wednesday, I’m going to endow a real school lunch program, sort of like that featured in Tony Bourdain’s Daniel Bolud/Paul Bocuse episode.


Assuming I’m eligible to win the thing being in the UK. I’d open a little place in London serving breakfasts from Asia and probably some from Central and South America. Either that or start a chain like KFC only good and with confit duck instead of chicken.

I’d also get Pierre Koffman to come round a cook me his pig trotters stuffed with morels and sweetbreads.

Travel, and eat all the regional specialties that are either unavailable or not as good as those at the source.

But that may only requires 0.01% of the money.

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Why not? My Mom always used to buy Irish Sweepstakes tickets when I was a kid :wink:

Well, I was planning to dine at Per Se, but now that Pete Wells NY Times review trashed the place, maybe I’ll just try every other restaurant in NYC.

I’ll have a great fishing lodge with a to the nines kitchen and dining room . I’m not going to any restaurant . I’ll pay the chefs handsomely to come cook for me . Also will be used for kids with disabilities to come for free .

Holey moley, does THAT ever sound amazing. Three of my favorite foods!

Way too much money to even begin to spend it all! But if I won even a few million, I’d build out a chocolate shop and spend my days playing with shiny Italian chocolate machines. I’d travel more and fly first class (of course). I’d donate enough to Food Lifeline here in WA that they get their new distribution center paid for, and put some in my nephew’s college fund. I’d go out to eat lot more, and hire a personal trainer so I can eat whatever I want and not be spherical. I’d buy cheese without looking at the price per pound.

I better pick some good numbers!!!

You are certainly eligible, although our Internal Revenue Service will withhold 10% more than they would for a US winner.
The odds are more than prohibitive; various articles in the last week have referenced many different comparisons - the most recent one I read mentioned dialing a phone number at random and being connected to one of Kim Kardashian’s three cell phones. (the Horror!!!)

Buy a few of the trendy and foundering yogurt self serve places…Convert the spigots to dispense beer and bourbon, sell cigars at the counter, offer bbq by the pound from my new Klose rig on a trailer.


Me? Modest fantasy - Finally build that pizza oven in the back yard, after a trip to Naples for pizzaiola training. Seriously hope whoever wins is currently gainfully employed, working for the man, so they can fully appreciate getting the workweek monkey off their back

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I take ANY opportunity to say this :slight_smile: For a few years now, we’ve made a small, automatic donation to our local food bank. Their buying power is huge. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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I’d stop looking at every produce price for organic vs conventional and doing that little calculation in my head about whether it’s worth it and is it one of the “Dirty Dozen” (Environmental Working Group’s list of foods it’s most important to buy organic).

And I’d go buy a whole geoduck in Chinatown. Just because.

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Fly first class to every wonderful restaurant on the planet and eat whatever never looking at prices. And have foie gras in my freezer at all times.

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Cath , maybe a private jet for you .

I guess if I were a BILlionaire, then yeah. Note: I won’t even drive a few miles from NV (no lottery not surprisingly) to CA and wait in line for hours :slight_smile:

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