Any Powerball Food Fantasies?

As I was standing in that long line to buy my ticket I thought how good a hot dog would taste. When it was finally my turn I got a hot dog. Fantasy over.

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LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. Go, Scar-Glyn.

Well I guess you are a winner my friend! Congrat’s, any review of the hot dog?

Meh! Lukewarm. Day old bun. It was filling but gave me indigestion. Did not live up to my fantasy dog but was what you would expect from a convenience store. Three stars

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A gas station hot dog?!!

I know you and probably others are worried about me. I have not lost my culinary marbles yet. It’s all made up, or as the title says “food fantasies”.

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Well, didn’t Sam have lots of gas station food stories?!? Will always miss that guy.

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