Any pots , pans , or other kitchen items you have rediscovered in your kitchen ?

For me I have had a All Clad 13 " French stainless skillet I used a couple times and stowed it away for years . In the beginning I used it for chicken under a brick and it worked fantastic . I got bored of the size cooking for one ; and it just sat in the cabinet . I used it for some mussels recently and it worked fantastic . A pan with a lot of head room . Love it . I will definitely use this skillet more often . Have you rediscovered any cooking items that you had stowed away ? And I am breaking out the old GE waffle maker tomorrow .

Hi emglow101,

I rediscovered my vintage 7" carbon steel butcher knife–I was about to throw it away. After cleaning it up and sharpening it, I’ve been using it for all sorts of practical purposes–decapitating soft boiled eggs, halving acorn squash. I’m more comfortable using it than much more expensive knives: it won’t chip, responds well to honing, and is easy to keep sharp.


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What is the definition of kitchen items? I often discover rotten food in the back of my refrigerator. :smiley: Do they count?

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Ha Ha . What should I call pots . pans , knives , you know . Don’t be a ass .

smartass, I am. :smile:
Just kidding.

I don’t think I have discovered any kitchen tools to be honest. Mostly because I don’t have tons of products. And if I have ever discovered some long-lost products, those are something I didn’t like but didn’t throw away. Upon discovering them, I tend to toss them away. If I think of something nice, then I will update.

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I discovered an old automatic pasta machine on a back shelf, when setting up and consolidating stuff in my basement (I had two shelving units to handle kitchen overflow – opposite problem of @chemicalkinetics). I made some pasta and was unimpressed. It’s heading to the donate bin. I’ll stick with my Imperia manual pasta maker.

I was making a bunch of Dutch Babies for brunch and mixed in one of those oft-criticized Le Creuset ECI skillets in with vintage and new CI skillets. The Dutch Baby in the ECI had the most even rise and the best balance of browning between bottom and top of all the skillets. Surprising result – I think the enamel kept the bottom from browning too fast. Saved it from the donate bin.

I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud, but I have a ton of pots and pans that I “rediscover” all of the time!

I have several le Creuset pieces that I forget about as they’re stored in a kitchen armoire so I just don’t think about them when looking for a pan.

Likewise I have numerous cast iron pieces that I eschew in favor of my everyday stainless. Once in a while I’ll pull out a cast iron skillet or the le Creuset saute and use it weekly for a few months and then POOF!.. it’s gone again.

I have all kinds of little chopping, dicing cutting doodads people have gifted me over the years that I take home, shove in a drawer and then pull out at some future date and just love love love it and wonder how I got along with it all these years.

I have a fairly small kitchen but I can sure cram a lot of crap in it!

My blue steel crepe pan by de buyer. When I first got it I think I tried too hard to season it, instead of just using, and everything stuck so into the closet or went. Pulled it out a few years later after I got into cast iron and it is one of my favorite breakfast pans.

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