Any places serve a good bowl of chili in NJ?

Also, you might want to consider attending the NJ Chili and Salsa Festival which is being held on May 20, 2017 in downtown Toms River.

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What exit is the skiing in NJ?

But I wouldn’t come to NJ to ski, waterski maybe

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I was going to say Toms River has held an event for at least the past 20 years, this must be it. I wouldn’t mind giving @seal a run for his money! Anyone else?

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Thanks for thinking of me to try and ad some value here, but sadly I’m coming up empty.

Which is why we make it ourselves, right?


That’s not chili :smile:

(That’s not a condescending smile, it’s just ball busting )

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An NJ chill feud. Cool!

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I will gladly be a taster… :sunglasses:

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Should we define chili? :grin:


@seal @NotJrvedivici @joonjoon I was just reading a ton of event info coming up here in AP and thought this might be of interest…

Georgie’s Bar hosts the NJ Leather Family’s 11th annual Chili Cook Off on Sunday, February 26, benefiting the Center in Asbury Park. A $5 donation is requested at the door, and you can submit your own crockpot full of chili for $10. The cook off runs from 2 pm to 7pm, all entries must be in by 4:30pm, and a winner will be announced at 6 pm. More info :joy:

“NJ Leather Family!?!?!?”

Ummmmm I’ve got something to do that day, my dog is sick or my son is coming home from college, yeah that’s it. Soooo sorry but Seal and Joon let me know how you guys make out. (No pictures please!)

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for some reason I just picture a bunch of people walking around in leather pants and leather vests pigging out on chili…oh man!!! not hungry now- dishes won’t be only think chafing


At least you are imagining pants, I went straight to leather chaps!!!

NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT… And it’s a legit fundraiser for an LGBTQ center.

But that did crack me up!

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Did drew put any unique twist on the chili? He always comes up with some creative flavors.

I’ve only entered one contest ever ( at work) and won with a sweet chipotle recipe. It was pretty darn hot and has a secret ingredient. I’m surprised I got voted in but I won some cash :slight_smile: I thought it was too over the top but the people let their voice be heard.


Johnny - I don’t recall any twists except that the flavors were very developed and it was a solid classic chili. BTW, any chance you will post that winning recipe,of yours?

Sorry, this Sunday is way too soon for me, as my chili takes at least a week to make. Why the sacrifices to the chili God alone take at least three days…

And when we do compete there are no rules with chili. You can make a chocolate chili for all I care, but mine will definitely be meat.


Good lord. No.

Some good posts here if you read through all the chili feud stuff LOL.

I went on a hot dog tour with a friend of mine… one of the stops was a place called Joey B’s Chili Hub in Cos Cob, CT. With a name like “Chili Hub” you’d figure that’s what I should order.

The menu did not show bowls of chili for sale, kind of odd given the name, but I asked.

This stuff was disgusting! I don’t know why others have said the chili was spicy. It’s not spicy at all. It had a sweet flavor and some odd taste in it that I couldn’t figure out what it was. I ate about half a bowl, and my stomach was starting to grumble. Had I continued I’d have genuinely been sick.

The funniest part about the restaurant is I was writing reviews for Yelp! and my friends only comment were “The bathroom was really clean. If we needed a place to stop on our tour for a bathroom break this would be it. Also, the counter is cock height.”

Something like that… the only takeaways my friend had were clean bathrooms and the counter was the exact height of where the guy behind the counter’s cock would be. Meaning you’re sitting at the counter staring at it. Or he’d maybe whip it out on the counter. Then my friend had the imagination that they purposely stacked some milk crates behind the counter to walk on to raise the guy to the level of the counter.

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I’m thinking somewhere between the too informal a$$less chaps place this Sunday and the too formal you-have-to-join-the-international-chili-society-to-enter big event in Toms River that my friend bgut1 posted about. Or maybe we just duke it out ourselves and make our own chili contest…

So we are off to eat and drink at Surf BBQ tonight and I was checking out their menu and they have chili! 3 Meat and no beans.

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