Any new tidbits on Hong Kong (Spring 2019)


Aaharn now is open for lunch as well, in addition to dinner. 2, 3 course set menu.


I think that’s the hard part. I’m just reading mostly more of the English written blogs about the places and the problem with that is the dates aren’t always recent.

Regarding LKH they still have weekday dim sum:

Just there’s less selection. I tried it once a few years back and thought they did a good job but mm… dunno, not sure if I would pay that much again for the items. Then again, I think that’s the problem right now. Where do I think I would get the best value for these high end places lol.


I think I am going to skip dim sum this time and go back to the noodle congee type of food, SSP, or Chairman/ Aaharn lunch… Or maybe Fu Sing…


Probably easier. I just lost a reservation for the weekend at T’ang Court since I didn’t really think it’d be gone lol. Still debating where to go. Just found out that Yee Tung Hee is closing at the end of the month and I might have a shot at one of those days if there is room so I’m emailing them right now.

@Google_Gourmet which Fu Sing branch did you go to? I just found out that there are three of them not including the banquet hall.


Causeway Bay. They do Dim Sum as well. We enjoyed a couple of good lunches there.


I had dim sum here last time and enjoyed their baked bbq pork bun (maybe a smidge better than THW? Dunno, very close). Any thoughts on interesting dinner dishes besides the fish? And maybe I’m blind, but I can’t find a menu


Here’s some lousy pics of the menu. I’ve only had dinner there once, so far from an expert. Our dining companion’s famiy was from Shunde. Frankly, before that dinner, never heard of Shunde before.

What I had thought were fish patties were actually Pan Fried Lotus Root in a Native Style. Really enjoyed those. Then again, can you trust someone whose palate can’t discern the difference between fish and lotus?? :slight_smile:

The fish done in various ways are interesting to me. No interest in the big baller items like Shark Fin, Abalone, etc.

This is not the complete menu by any means. Lots more to offer.


Wait are you referring to Fu Sing or Fung Shing? That picture is Fung Shing.


Oops, don’t think I’ve been to Fu Shing yet.

It’s 6am in Taipei. Waiting for the sunrise.

Just started a thread on Japan and Taipei if anyone is interested.


Here’s a little old primer from before:

I’m not sure if you ever got the chance to try out Yum’s Bistro before the Chef retired, but he was apparently from the Shundue area. I’m not an expert by any means with the cuisine but enjoyed their dishes at Yum’s.

And er… oops, I think I confused myself there. I thought you went to Fu Sing the entire time haha, not Fung Shing. I definitely went to Fu Sing and never tried Fung. Hmmmm, might still try Fung Shing then, thanks for the menu!

Get a Taiwanese breakfast for me!


Oh one last thing @Google_Gourmet for a bit as I slog through weird time differences and trying to get reservations; was there a particular restaurant that was recommended to cook everything (or I suppose a central market area) in Sai Kung? I’m try to piece together a walking itinerary but I don’t want to be carrying random clams and walking half an hour back to the restaurant …


There are many restaurants right by the boats. I don’t have any particular place to recommend.

Almost all the waterside restaurants have a stunning assortment of live seafood. Pick one that appeals to you and have at it.

We’ve enjoyed set combinations also.

Probably the best shrimp I’ve ever eaten. Part of a 8 part combo.

Enjoy watching the spectacle of the floating fish mongers, then pick from a restaurant menu.


Yeah, this is how it goes, pick the restaurant with the stock you want and have them cook them the way you would like, not necessarily what was on the menu. Negotiate the price, if you can.


Gotcha, so just see what looks interesting.

… though… is that a horse shoe crab in the second to last picture? o_O

Didn’t think you could eat them. … is that legal? lol


Ate them once in Thailand, not particularly good or meaty that I can remember. Looks like they are not endangered since now the biomedical are interested in their blood.


If it flies, walks, etc… :slight_smile:

Never had horseshoe crabs. Understand only the roe is eaten.

That said. Saw some Sea Squirt in a fish market today. Now THAT is a tough eat, and I eat almost everything.


Sea Squirt …How should one eat them, actually?!


Huh, interesting. Was wondering if it tasted strange due to their copper blood (also the reason why biomedical companies want them).


Is it those…? All I’m reading from that blurb is

" peculiar flavor likened to “rubber dipped in ammonia” "

I don’t think I’ve ever seen them being sold before, kinda tempted to try one just for the sake of trying but… sounds weird lol



Even sea cucumber, not a big fan of them.


I enjoy Sea Cucumbers. Delicious braised with Shitake.

Had Sea Squirt. Once. From a Korean market in San Francisco. Always open to new things. Once was enough though. Was not delicious at all.

May have been user error. We ate raw, as sashimi. Probably not the way to go??