Any new tidbits on Hong Kong (Spring 2019)

After drooling from @Google_Gourmet’s topic: Chinese New Year- trip and eats

I gave a quick look around and found some relatively cheap flights to HKG these upcoming weeks.

With that, I was hoping to see if anyone has some updated recommendations since things can change fast.

This is pretty much an update on: One dim sum lunch in Hong Kong?

I have around five or six days (some days might be filled with family outings), but I’m trying to pretty much frontload the schedule and have whatever familial times on one day and end it there.

Debating between Seventh Son/Fook Lam Moon for one high end (supposedly one of the traditional) dim sum and one high end more modern take. Thinking Tang Court, Yee Tung Heen, Mott 32, Ying Jee Club (though maybe its not really a modern take), Dim Sum Library or just for fun Yum Cha at Langham Palace (might just go here in addition to those places just for fun, but we’ll see).

Dinner wise, I’m thinking one more round at Tasting Court (going to try to see if they offer different selection of food items). Under the aforementioned CNY topic, might give Fu Sing a try (I like the idea of that stuffed fish). If there’s an early spot, maybe some yakitori at Yard Bird as well. Other than that, most likely going to go for some dai pai dongs like Oi Man Sang. Oh, and thinking of getting seafood at Ap Lei Chau or in Google_gourmet’s topic, maybe vising Sai Kung; any thoughts? I don’t think I’ll be visiting the islands.

For lunch places that’s not dim sum, thinking The Chairman, Kau Kee, Kam’s roast goose and probably whatever Wonton Noodles I can find or some good ol’ cha chan tang.

Breakfast I was looking at Mui Kee for congee or whatever little bits we can find.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Also curious if anyone has any fun wet/dry markets to walk around in? I’m sure I caught the main ones walking around places, but can’t hurt to map them out. Also will stay around the Tsuen Wan area for a few nights; not quite sure what’s around there but if anyone has any info that’ll be neat. Thanks!

Note, some places I glanced at are from e_ting’s list here:

Though not sure how updated they are.


Are you interested to visit Lin Heung Teahouse? It made the headlines a few weeks back when the news that it might have to shut down shocked quite a few people.

Fantastic!! Ex-SFO on United, Hong Kong has been the most cost friendly Asian destination for the last few years. We fortunately have the luxury of schedule flexibility, and will snatch a trip when the ticket is under $600/rt. Already booked the next 3 week Hong Kong trip in August, at which time we will use Hong Kong as our home base, and wander in/out Southern China. Love the 10 year China Visa and HK E-Channel fingerprint customs clearance!!!

Can’t really add much to the good suggestions you’d already received on your previous HK thread. We find the quality of food in Hong Kong, on almost every level, to be very enjoyable and satisfying. We tend to roam around and use our F&B 5th sense to pick the joints, usually the ones with the shortest queues. The food in the hole in the wall joints we wander into are usually very delicious, but realistically not so good that I would broadcast them as destination spots.

That said. Had a memorable meal at Ho Hung Kee, in Causeway Bay. They “were” a 1* a few years, we didn’t know that until we had already enjoyed our meal and saw the signage outside. Price was reasonable, and quality and taste very good.

House Dumplings. Some of the best dumplings ever. Even better than my Taiwanese/Shanghainese mother in law’s. (combo with house wontons)

Our faction of Toishanese/HongKongnese DO NOT usually pay for Fried Rice at restaurants. My Taiwanese born wife does. These Conpoy/Egg White Fried Rice. Worth the money. Did I say that?

Fish Head. Only half, and very very well prepared.


Noticed the signage upon exit.

For above street level dim sum and dumplings, we’ll usually hit Lei Garden. I think HO Hung Kee is as good or better.


If I didn’t think it was closing last year, I would have tried to give it a shot, but I think I missed out on that sadly unless there’s more recent info.

Yeah the flights were under 500 RT (then again… I still wonder if choosing United was that great lol).

Agreed, I don’t think I ever really had a terrible meal in HK (then again, I can’t recall a truly terrible meal around SF either just if its value justified). I’m just hoping to pick a few places that are truly head and shoulders above what we can find in CA that is specialized in HK.

I think I’ll add Ho Hung Kee to my list as I don’t recall going there. I went to places like Congee King and a few other notable places from Charles’ list:

Yeah I had good dinner experiences at Lei Garden (well, the IFC one pretty much ran out of everything but the food was still good). Though friend had not so great experience at the MongKok one saying they felt rushed in ordering and a few items did not feel fresh; I wasn’t sure why they didn’t tell the servers to come back around but eh.

Great! I will probably be there in summer! Thanks for the research!! :grin::laughing:

Do you like traditional local HK sweet food, I was doing some research a few weeks ago. If you are interested, I can share…

Not Chinese food, but if you are interested… David Thompson is no longer in Bangkok but in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Dim Sum Institution Lin Heung Tea House Not Closing Down After All (more)

But plot twist! It was reported by TimeOut Hong Kong yesterday (February 27) that Lin Heung Tea House is not closing down for good after all. In fact, it will continue to operate under its current team of longtime employees, after the restaurant managed to renew its lease for another three years. Whew.

There were some changes made to the restaurant, though. Following a brief one-day closure today (February 28), Lin Heung Tea House will reopen with a new name, Lin Heung Tea Room , and dinner service will no longer be offered.


Mmmm… I don’t especially go out for desserts but my main stays are the almond tea (with egg whites sometimes) and the mango, pomelo, sago. So if there are any tidbits on that, I’ll be glad to take recommendations. My dad does enjoy the desserts but probably shouldn’t really have that many. I’m more interested in the tropical fruits in the market place to be honest (Mangosteen!).

Mmm… I’m rather indifferent to Thai but I’ll see if my folks are interested!

Huh, might just go for dim sum then since I haven’t ever been.

Also after staring at the prices at Fook Lam Moon I’m … sort of balking at the dollar signs. I’m tempted to go to Seventh Son more but I doubt it’ll be any cheaper. But as for now, I think I’m leaning only towards dim sum at either places. I don’t think I want to spend as much on an abalone vs. a meal at Tasting Court, etc.

Oh, not tea house sit in style of dessert (@sck has more tips on that), but baked and buy to take home type, e.g. cookies, cakes etc.

Oh! Gotcha. Yeah I’ll be open to recommendations. Might need to buy gift items.

Regarding baked goods though I’m more particular towards pineapple buns and egg custards. Probably stop by Kam Wah Cafe for their pineapples around the afternoon. Heard good things about Hoover Cake shop as well for egg custards. Any other notable spots? In regards to drink, I’m hoping to find some good iced lemon tea spots.

A bit on the OT.

@Night07 I think you enjoy Hong Kong and visit on a semi-regular basis. If you don’t already have Hong Kong e-channel, I strongly suggest getting that. You breeze through immigration in/out through the Hong Kong resident gates, just scan the bar code on your passport, finger bio check. Then out the gate.

If you are a premiere member of United (and many other airlines), you qualify. Application takes only a few minutes, then you’re good to go.

Huh never knew that, I briefly had status on… Southwest… lol. I sadly don’t actually travel back to Asia all that often (not enough in the year) as my work really has nothing to do with travel. Thanks for the tidbit though! Maybe when I have that status I’ll give it a go. Though admittedly, HK immigration and customs is a whole lot faster than SFO…

  • Has made visits to the HKSAR via the Hong Kong International Airport for no fewer than 3 times in the past 12 months immediately before enrolment for the e-Channel service.


3 entries in HK in a year, too bad, going to Macau doesn’t count…unless you take a plane, lol.

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It is now. :slight_smile: HK exit immigration used to be a zoo! All us cattle herded into a holding area with a whole lot of people who don’t know the meaning of “queue”. Shudder

SFO: Download the mobile passport app.

Better yet, get Global Entry. Then you automatically get TSA PRE. And expedited re-entry.

I literally just renewed my Speedy Immigration for Taiwan today. Under same criteria, three entries within last twelve months.

Will be nice breezing thru immigration in TPE next week. I really hate waiting in lines. :wink:

Great to have a job with so much travelling! :heart_eyes:

I drag my wife along with me these days. Much better than when I used to fly solo. Much better.

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I keep forgetting about doing that. I’ll give that a shot. Funny enough, I could never get a good time for a GE appointment, then later on it was expired and there goes my application fee… Sigh.

Oh did you ever manage to go to the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market? Was wondering if there were little shops instead of the giant warehouses.

Little shops inside a giant market :slight_smile:



I remember looking into it last year when I went, though online reviews suggested some fairly low price performance ratio, i.e. charge like a good place but the food falls a little short.

Yee Tung Heen is fairly traditional. Solid good, along the lines of Ming Court post them taking the drunken har gau off the menu. I wasn’t too enamored with my Seventh Son dim sum meal. I posted about it. You’ll have better luck if you go with somebody known to the house.

Do you have time to drag the family to House 102 in Foshan? That’s the number 1 restaurant I want to go, though not in Hong Kong, but its just so very far.

Tsuen Wan is awfully far from Ap Lei Chau though. If you are staying there, it probably makes more sense.

I also like to try the Chairman for lunch some time. They got a set menu with fancier additions, including the crab fun dish. You can sample their menu without having to do the work of rounding up a bunch of people for dinner.

I don’t know Tsuen Wan at all, but Sham Shui Po is within reach and there are plenty of finger licking goodness there. Just ask @Google_Gourmet from his recent trip.

For wonton, the top ones are all solid. Unless you are looking for the absolute best, I think whichever that is closest to where you are at that moment is totally fine- Mak’s, Ho Hung Kee, Tasty, Mak Man Kee, Brothers (forgot the exact name, but the one run by Alan Tam and Harken Lee), etc etc.

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I just usually stop by Kui Kee and get some almond biscuits thing. They are easily found. And yes they are from Macau.

Lin Heung’s cookies are also good:

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