Any new ideas for Italian sausage*?

Any new ideas for Italian sausage?

We do prefer hot sausage since it has more flavor.

Roasted or grilled -check
Sausage w|onions and peppers- check
Pizza - check
Calzone - check
Lidia’s sausage with grapes and wine but I’ve since added peppers and onions to the mix.

Gnocchi with sausage. sage, browned butter and heavy cream.

Oriecchitte with sausage/spinach/ chicken broth and Romano to thicken.

Quiche with sausage and provolone.

Have I run its course or what?


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I’m embarrassed now. Oh well. :blush:

I’m not sure where to post - here or your other thread where you list some of your other ideas.

I love sausage with

  • broccoli rabe with sausage

  • sausage with beans (cannelloni, navy, etc)

  • in soups

  • tossed into baked rice dishes (if you’re tired of pasta)

In stuffed mushrooms

  • add to lentil soup
  • remove casing and use for stuffed peppers
  • wrap in pizza dough with sauce and veg for sausage rolls
  • use in baked ziti or other baked pasta dishes

Cut sausage into coins, crisp in oven and serve with your favorite mustard.

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Italian Sausage Sub

I like to remove the casings, crumble and pan fry.
Remove from pan when cooked through and then saute thinly sliced onions and sweet peppers.
When done, split a hoagie roll and on the bottom half add sausage, peppers and onions and a couple of spoonfuls of red tomato sauce.
On the top half a couple of slices of Provolone or Mozz.
Briefly place under a broiler to melt the cheese and enjoy with a pepperoncini or two on the side.


For a quick dinner I like to cut the sausage into chunks and roast in the oven with green beans. So easy!

I also like to take it out of the casings and stuff it into mini bell peppers and bake in the oven.


Depending the definition of Italian sausage.

Mortadella is best as thinly sliced cold cuts in sandwiches.

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Just as a side note - I don’t think a pork product ever “runs its course”! :smiley: It can always add a little something.

I’m also adding:

  • using it in meatballs. You can sub out the ground pork with Italian sausage - in a beef/veal/pork blended meatball.

  • Even added (out of casing and broken up) into a long simmered tomato sauce.

  • You mentioned quiche, but also its cousin the frittata. And if you haven’t thrown some leftover pasta into your frittata - always a good way to use leftover pasta (I usually do this with a spaghetti type noodle but have seen it done with other shapes as well).

  • Cooked, broken up without casing - mixed with ricotta as a ravioli filling

  • Baked ziti was mentioned - add it to lasagna too

  • mixed (cooked/no casing/broken up) while still hot with goat cheese for an appetizer spread


I clicked the link Create TV, but goes back to this thread, is it supposed to go somewhere? Thanks.

It used to - they’ve been consolidated into this one thread . . . .

I just made meatloaf last night with half ground beef and half Italian sausage - excellent!


I believe Italian Sausage in the USA means a specific spice blend in either a casing or loose.
That’s an interesting question though.
I wonder what they call it in Italy?


Excellent point from you both - yes, fresh pork sausage, ground pork with spices, mainly fennel, sometimes “hot” with chili flakes -

from Wiki and pretty accurate from a US standpoint.

In North America, Italian sausage ( salsiccia [salˈsittʃa] in Italian) most often refers to a style of pork sausage . The sausage is often noted for being seasoned with fennel as the primary seasoning. In Italy, however, a wide variety of sausages are made, many of which are quite different from the product commonly known as ‘Italian sausage’ in North America.


Ah thanks, I understand better.
I checked wikipedia, it looks like a certain French sausage too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For anyone else looking for a meatless option Field Roast italian sausage (not hot) is excellent, nice fennel and spices blend to it. I think omnis would like it better incorporated into a dish vs served as is


Agree! Very nice mild flavor, good texture. Not sure I would care for it on its own as a sandwich though.


Don’t tell my dad that lentil soup i made a big batch of and stuck in the freezer had chopped up field roast and not “real” sausage :wink: he sluped it up and raved yet wouldn’t be caught dead taking more than a nanobite of any faux meat (enough of a bite to declare it “not nearly as good”)


Field Roast is a Seattle based company and Costco’s in our area frequently have it - it would be located in the refrigerated deli section. Not sure if they distribute nationally but it might be worth a look.
Our product development team from a former company took a tour of their production facilities and were all very impressed. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed with both taste & texture of their sausages. Like Meatn3 I would prefer it in soups or on pizza rather than eat it whole or on a bun.


Field Roast has had East coast distribution for over 10 years! Initially I only saw their Celebration Roast. They have some great products! I’m omni and I choose their sausages as an ingredient with frequency because I like the flavor and texture.

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