Any new ideas for Italian sausage*?

I’ll have to pick some up and use it in a soup or on a pizza. Good to hear that it is distributed nationally.


Their chorizo is nice in chili!

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That’s good to know. Chorizo is a hard sausage for me to buy since I know it has a bunch of lymph nodes ground up in it. Know we really don’t want to know what’s in our sausage or hot dogs. I’m especially picky about ground meat & will only buy at certain stores. I often make my own too - no gristle or weird parts and less fat. Have never put them in casings however. Would like to make merguez soon. Have the KA meat grinder & sausage stuffing attachment, may get some casings and have an adventure soon.

Sunday Gravy

Sheet Pan Sausage & Pierogies

Polish Cabbage, Noodles & Sausage

Pierogies with Italian Sausage & Peppers

Low Country Boil aka Frogmore Stew
Serve with a big pitcher of Sangria or beer, crusty bread & butter

Stuffed Peppers

Egg Rolls

There’s always Pizza.


I might make this tonight


Substitute it for pancetta in risi e besi.
Dice cooked sausage and add to cacio e pepe. Strips of smoked Hatch chilis make it even better.
Sliced, it can replace the ham or pork or be a third meat in a Cubano.
Quiche has been suggested already, but its cousin, the frittata, works too.

Chicken Scarpariello


That sounds tasty but who in real life would buy 3 different packages of meat?
Mild, hot, and chicken to boot.
Out of my budget.

Certainly it’s about what works for you. I have all that in my freezer already. Not everyone does.


It’s Rao’s! A jar of their spaghetti sauce costs me $11 in Canada. LOL.

I will try the recipe one of these days.

I’m sure that particular recipe would still be good if you left out the chicken or only used one type of sausage.

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Yeah, it’s that kind of recipe. Also, it’s a ginormous family style platter that serves 4, but more realistically serves 6-8. But you could use however many whole chicken thighs makes sense for the number of servings you’re aiming for and scale the sausage accordingly (and use the mix of them or not). That’d work too.


I cook for 4, usually, and I could see using a couple thighs, and a few sausages in a downsized adaptation.

At the indie grocery where I shop, Italian sausages tend to come with 2 or 3 in a pack, usually 4 thighs in a pack, so I’d be able to get enough of each for around $12 Cdn, total.

If I went to my butcher, at the Market downtown, I could buy 2 of each sausage and a couple thighs.

Just depends on the type of shopper you are, and where you shop.

I gave up my Costco membership years ago and Sam’s left Canada a decade ago.