Any Jam Makers or Home Canners Out There?

Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely look into it. Weck let me down about the time the pandemic started and
I’ve moved on.

I’m curious, too. How does the canning proceed? Thanks!

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@mts @bogman , I use the same water bath method and processing times for one-piece lids as for the more typical two-piece lids. Check the jar volume against your recipe, and then round up to sort your processing time.
For some jars, I’ve had to cut a special funnel to fit the neck. Found an inexpensive plastic funnel, and sliced off the bottom with my kitchen knife.


Shown here are two types of one piece lids:

The lid on the left is a continuous thread (Ct) lid for a standard mason jar. The lid on the right is a lug lid for one of the tureen jars i put the marmalade in. If you look closely you can see the lugs (bumps) around the edge of the lids. Lug lids and CT lids are NOT interchangeable even on the same size jars. Lug lids work the same as regular lids. Tighten them & process the same as any other. One piece CT lids you have to be careful not to overtighten or the lids will crimp.

One advantage to one piece lids is the colors:


I just used the last of the local citrus, inspired by a few citrus jam recipes, and using Pomona pectin. Came out grainy and too sweet, and I remember I’ve done this before.

I don’t know if it’s worth “fixing”, but might try it with this summers peppers. Anyone have experience with an orange pepper jam using low sugar pectin recipes?