Any food suggestions for Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong Airport ..

Headed to Asia with family in a few days. Any recommended places to eat in Mumbai, Singapore or Hong Kong?



Can only help on Singapore and I’m not sure if what kind of food/price range you are after? However I’ve edited my post from another food board. These were my highlights on a trip earlier this year and hope they prove helpful. All cheaper end of the market.

-Bismillah Biryani, Dunlop St/Perak Road, Little India ,

Mutton biryani was excellent, one of the best I’ve had. Fall off the bone meat with a great depth of flavour. Excellently judged spicing with large black cardamom pods and a good chilli heat .Perfectly cooked rice that had soaked up the meat juices, still some marrow left to suck out

Red Dot Brew House, 34 Boat Quay.

After walking round a very hot and humid Singapore I was in need of a drink. To drink I had their summer ale, which was a less hoppy version of a US IPA, it had a nice fragrance. The English Ale was less successful but being English I had to try it out of curiosity. Not much bitterness, more of a dark lager really.

Old Chang Kee

The Chang Kee branch was in a shopping centre near city hall MRT. The pastry was excellent (a recurring theme during my time in Singapore) very short and crumbly and I’m sure there was cinnamon in the pastry. Filling was quite mild in flavour and spicing but nicely soothing. Good to see boiled egg in there, which I love in a curry puff.

Banana Leaf Apollo, 45 Race Course Road, Little India.

Went for the fish head curry The fish was perfectly cooked. The curry gravy was very good, spicy and packed with fennel (?) and tamarind, very much like the sauce I’ve had at my favourite Chettinad place

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall, Maxwell Road Food Centre

Was feeling a little delicate after Langkawi and needed to make up for my somewhat mediocre chicken rice when I arrived in Singapore. Perfectly cooked chicken and delicately flavoured, well cooked rice and a good chilli sauce. Not surprised it’s so well rated.

I heard many good things about Hung’s Delicacies in the Hong Kong Airport (Terminal 2
Level 3, Non-restricted Area) Hung’s Delicacies has been on my to try list in airport for a while. If you like Chinese Chiu Chow food. Their goose dishes are the signatures of the restaurant. Do expect it to be causal in service.

Well, I had one meal at the Hong Kong airport two weeks ago. I went to Cafe de Cerle (sp) which was really good for fast food. I have a section of roast goose for about 15 dollars US and it was good. I was told by family it was Hong Kong thinking what Panda Express should be. If Panda Express serve food that good I would go. What I like was it was fast,hot and good.

HK- airport only or the city as well?

For airport, in addition to the recs above, Tasty has a branch at the airport if you are looking for noodles and congees.

Cool. Thanx for the replies. In HK its airport only unfortunately. Singapore got 1/2 a day on both ends of our trip. Old Chang Kee and Tian Tian are on the list, have been to both in the past.

I’ve got my list for mumbai and udupi/mangalore all set (need to whittle down places based on weather and mood). I’ll have the kids (who are super adventurous eaters), and they help decide


Quick update on our trip. Unfortunately we were quite busy with friends and family and had most meals at home, so did not visit too many places :frowning:

In HK airport, we had breakfast from cafe de carle and the dimsum places 2 shops down. Both were quite good. Was about to buy a roast goose to get home on the way back, but decided against it, which was a great decision. You cannot get in cooked meat (pork/beef/goose) into the US. The beef jerky which we got a SG airport was sniffed by the dog and confiscated at SFO :frowning:

In Singapore, we ate ah-tai hainanese chicken rice. Tian-Tian was closed the day we visited. It was very good. We also visited the old airport road food market (quite close to dakota MRT) and had some delicious Rojak, prawn noodles, lor mee and bean curd. There were not too many shops open, so we did not have too much decision making on where to get stuff from. At the airport, i picked up some pastries from old change kee (its near the T2/T3 split in the shopping arcade, above the MRT).

We also had a delicious crab dinner at Long Beach Main @ East Coast Parkway. Our first choice: Jumbo seafood had a 1 hour wait, so we opted for Long Beach. The chili crab sauce had a great spicy sweet depth which is not present in Ming’s chili crab @ lime tree (in sf). The black pepper crab was a wee bit too spicy for our taste buds.

In Mumbai we hit Mahesh for seafood which delivered a rock solid meal. The best meal of the trip was probably at Kediyoor in Udupi, where the owner managed to tone down the spice levels on the dishes for our american friends. We also had a good dosa at Mitra Samaj in udupi. A thali meal at Woodside in Mangalore was most appreciated by our friends (was a simple vegetarian thali meal) topped up with gadbad from Pabbo’s (branch of ideal ice cream). We had a mediocre meal at The Village @ Madhuvan’s near mangalore airport (kinda hard to order for 20+ people who are starving and need food asap)

overall, not a great outside food trip, but the food at various houses and the wedding was great and made up for it. Managed to get back without gaining any weight!

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I think it should be Café de Coral. It’s a well known HK local chain restaurant.

A post on Ah Hung Delicacy - a Cantonese Chiu Chow style eatery at Hong Kong airport is here:

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They didn’t let you eat the forbidden food at the customs? That was rather unfriendly. I once brought some fresh fruits to an airport in another country. They stopped me from bringing them in but we were the weird foreigners who were happily chowing down on fruits near immigration.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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