[Hong Kong Airport] Ah Hung Delicacies - Chiu Chow 阿鴻小吃

For years, we wanted to try their North Point joint when they still had their 1 Michelin Star. Then 1 day, they announced to close their original shop at Wharf Road on the island and the only keep their shop at the airport and their Kwun Tong branch. Reason: they couldn’t afford the rent soar after they got the star…

Cold dish - Jelly fish with pig’s ear

Cold dish - marinated goose, marined belly pork with master stock (lushui), layered pig intestines

Goose mushroom congee - pretty good

The overall impression of the meal was quite alright (compared to other airport restaurants), especially we were quite tired after our 10 day trip in Malaysia.

Ah Hung’s Delicacies
Skyplaza 3P116 - 3P117
Hong Kong Internation Airport
Tel: 3197 9331
7 am - 10 pm

They situated at the exit of Terminal 1, just walked passed that yellowish orange light wall. Noted it is not situated in the restaurants section inside Terminal 2 (we spent 40 minutes in tracking it everywhere like crazy in the terminal 2)

NB: Looking at their website, they have just opened a new restaurant in Macau.


I just read an interview, the original North Point shop, it was Lai Wai-Hung, the very experienced chef (been working in Yung Kee and the Maxim Group) cooking himself. After quitting Maxim, he opened this small neighbour shop and became ultra successful, he couldn’t hire anybody and had to work everyday from 5am - 12 am and only 3 hour sleep everyday.

Now he partnered with the YKK group (the famous zip and hotel group), he said without them, he would remain small and maybe couldn’t survive with the rent problem. He couldn’t even find young people to help in the kitchen when Ah Hung was doing really well in North Point, the queue outside 5-6 shops long.

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The price is not cheap though. I wonder if they are more expensive at HKG vs Kwun Tong. If you are to compare them against Chiu Chow joints in the city versus against other places at HKG, how would you rate them?

I don’t understand why not though. Lots of popular restaurants are able to hire help.

I find food is usually more delicious in the arrival hall than the departing hall, maybe I’m more stressed leaving than arriving, we have tried the departing hall Maxim’s Jade Garden - the Chinese tea house and find it really average, service was quick. The arrival hall Crystal Jade was aright. Among them, Ah Hung is quite okay for airport food, but like you said, on the expensive side and dishes were small. I heard that Ah Hung in Kwun Tong has a better reputation.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao ? or the Crystal Jade the banquet restaurant? We had the former in the Times Square basement this time because everything was closed in the morning and our kid was hungry. It was not particularly good noodle. Makes me wonder why they are all over the city when superior noodles are widely available.

The La Mien XLB, but it was many years ago, maybe 4 or 5. In HK, the food recommendation shouldn’t be older than 1 year for the newer joints. Things change fast here.

Used to get some distinctions and good recommendations in the past.