Any favorites in Copenhagen, Malmo or Oslo?

I am looking for cafes or restaurants that are more Scandinavian than cutting edge. But any old classics, Scandinavian or not, would be welcome! I was going to go to Bergen or Stavanger as well, but the weather is looking fairly bleak right now. I wanted to do a boat tour of a fjord or two, but if the visibility is nil that would be kind of pointless.
One of my much loved Aunts used to make us Norwegian pickled herring, so any places, cafes, grocery chains that sell good pickled herring would be doubly welcome! Lefse recommendations, too, but no lutefisk, please! LOL!


I am sad there are no responses yet; we’re heading to Denmark for the first time mid-August. We are decidedly not Noma types. This trip will skew towards places like the restaurant at Legoland in Billund.
I kid…I hope. :upside_down_face:


I will be posting my favorites, and less than favorites, so maybe there will be a gem or two in my report next week! Some destinations in Europe are not as well traveled by HO’ers. Now if I was traveling to Rome, Paris, Great Snoring or Madrid the chances of getting recommendations would be a bit higher. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Copenhagen…Go to tivoli gardens an old amusement park area lots of fun and good food and beer gardens

Hit up the hot dog vans anywhere. The franske dog spelling it wrong I’m sure is a hollowed out bun with the dog stuffed in. Good for kids and adults.

Lots of good bakeries for weinerbrod ie danishes and smorebrood places (open faces sandwich buffet for ur table depending on what u pick ie smoked fish fried fish shrimps frickadeler stuff like that)

This is the danish national dish I love it it’s not light

Picnic in the kings garden - its near ish to city center so lots of takeout spots. You will note the on the spot recycling of your beer and soda bottles

Good ice cream lots of spots Get some with a chocolate covered marshmallow to top it and go on the port area boat ride tour pretty fun. The little mermaid will be a let down but u can pass by it then.

Christiania is a super cool semi autonomous hippie area like a wormhole from Copenhagen check it out it’s fun for all

We don’t do the noma type places there. I have family so lots of eating in

Kronborg castle like hamlet is a cool day trip and lots of spots there for casual food.

Denmark the food is very consistent and good.

Check out the salted licorice like the saltefiske or licorits

What are u looking for ? Where r u staying in Copenhagen ?

@claus anything I’m missing or more specific ?


What cities are you planning to visit in Denmark ?

When you say ‘more scandinavian than cutting edge’ what precisely do you mean ?

Traditional old tavern type of dishes ?

Also - even though Scandinavia might be a small part of the world compared to the rest of the world, I think you will get more answers, if you specifiy what country and cities you will visit.

I personally have little knowledge of what dishes they serve in Sweden, Finland and Norway as a Dane.
I know some of the dishes are quite close to what we have in Denmark, but I can’t tell you for sure.

A warning - I personally would avoid all the restaurants in Tivoli and on the main shopping streets of Copenhagen. They are in 95% cases overpriced poor tourist traps.

A great traditional restaurant I can recommend is Sollerod Kro situated 15 km north of Copenhagen.
It’s not cheap, but they serve high quality traditional danish and french food.

Cheers, Claus from Copenhagen in Denmark


Tivoli - yes but it’s a super fun place so have a beer and check it out after dark when all lit up if you ask me


Of course - Tivoli is super cool, but I never dine there.
I’ve had too many bad experiences there.


I would visit these 4 restaurants if I was looking for traditional danish food in Copenhagen.

Sollerod Kro - 15 km north of Copenhagen, not cheap, but a great 1 star michelin restaurant.
To be fair it’s really old french and old danish cuisine mixed together in a harmony.
Taxi from Copenhagen to Sollerod Kro is about $80 each way, so not that cheap.
You can also take the train from Norreport station in Copenhagen to Holte station (about $10 pr. person each way) and then take a taxi from Holte station to Sollerod Kro (about $35 each way)

Det lille apotek - a very traditional tavern like restaurant in the middle of Copenhagen on a street next to Copenhagen University, no cars allowed on the street so a quiet cosy place, and not that expensive.

If you want traditional danish fish dishes, try Krogs Fish restaurant located on one of the oldest streets of Copenhagen in the center of Copenhagen, very close to the parlament building and to the canals of Copenhagen. The restaurant is mid priced, so not exactly cheap, but not very expensive either.

English version - but it doens’t really work that well

I forgot one - this is also a great traditional mid priced restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen.
It’s called Restaurant Schonnemann. I know 2 Pro chefs who has worked there.

This is abolutely brillant old traditional danish dishes served in a cosy restaurant.
Their dishes are more lunch like, but very traditional danish.
They specialise in danish Smorrebrod, and you don’t get it much better than here.

I promise you, that neither of these 4 restaurants are tourist traps. They are all high quality places.


Thank you, chienrouge! You have given me several ideas that sound very good, from the Franske hot dogs to the smoreboord (sp)! I had been told that the parks are excellent and the praise of Kings Garden chimes with what others have said.
I am staying in Nyhavn at a hotel that is on the canal. Looking for ward to the city views!
Thanks again!


Thank you, Claus! I like casual family places a bit more than Michelin rated cafes so the first one might be a bit more fancy than I generally like. But having looked at the menus for the other three, they are exactly what I like in a cafe! The menus are varied but look like they are really well done. Det Lille Apotek would be worth a visit for the history alone, but the herring with red onion looks similar to one of the versions my Aunt made for us so I will have to go there for that dish! And the fillet of plaice looks very good too! I spent time in Indonesia and many of their signs were in pigeon Bahasa Indonesia/Dutch, so eating in an Apotek should be a hoot.
Krogs I will have to do for lunch to keep the price down but here again the menu looks to have several dishes I want to try starting with the smoked salmon and then the butter fried plaice with lingonberries. I love me some lingonberries!
There are a couple dishes I want to try at Schonnemanns, but oddly enough, the Potato section of the menu intrigues me. Heidi’s Potato Sandwich looks really good. And the cold smoked salmon w spinach and poached egg looks outstanding as well…
Thank you, Claus! I may not get to all three but I am definitely going to try at least two of these! I only have two days in Copenhagen planned for now, before I start moving north to Oslo, but if the weather doesn’t clear up a bit at Bergen or Stavanger, I may stay in Copenhagen an extra day.


I thought exactly the same thing! I love potatoes in nearly any form.


I think the original is in the Netherlands (Amsterdam?), not Denmark, but I can’t help but think of Van Gogh when I think of potatoes… :laughing:
But it won’t keep me from enjoying them!

The Potato Eaters | Van Gogh Gallery

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Oy…Copenhagen never makes the news in this fashion.

Our family loves bof et ost in grey friars square behind stroget for lunch. 3 courses reasonably priced . Mostly the traditional
Open faced sandwich. Be aware they must be eaten in a particular order. Fish, meat, then cheese or dessert.


I just had an excellent meal at Det lille Apotek. I couldn’t get in the first day so I went back later and was the last table seated. I ordered the fried plaice with new potatoes and a dill sauce plus the “old strong cheese” plate. The waitresses were rocked but the service was excellent. This place is the real deal! My fried plaice was prepared just about perfectly and the dill dressing was just right. Plus the new potatoes were prepared well, also.
The old strong cheese plate was interesting, it was like a mild limburger with onions and aspic over rye bread. Just delicious!
I really like this place, I had a very enjoyable meal here.


(post deleted by author)

Tried to go to Schonnemann’s, but they were full with a private party. Rats.
Tried a Franske Dog at Doep, the place that was featured on “Feed Phil!” I tried the regular dog in the funky “fill the hole” bun with the herb sauce. So so.
Walked around, watched a funky oldster band warm up in Hojbro Plads then hit Krystal for the Danish Meatball Sandwich but they were out of meatballs so I got the tuna and egg on dark rye. Only fair.
I did have a good breakfast of 2 eggs over easy, some blue cheese and a fruit plate at the cafe of the 71 Nyhavn Hotel, so I am not doing TOO badly on the food front today! LOL!


Glad you’re having fun!

I’m a fan of the crispy onions as a hot dog topping there works better in regular buns. The red hot dogs are good too.


Great to hear you still had a good time in my home city Copenhagen.

Bummer about the fully booked Schonnemann :frowning:

The weather unfortunately turned between Saturday and Sunday to a more cooler type weather.
But honestly I’m glad that it turned as I really dislike hot weather.


oh, and if you’re feeling it, Denmark is known for its bacon and you can get bacon wrapped dogs at some stands too.

don’t sleep on the pastries and bakeries there for quick snacks sweet and savory.

have fun