Any fancy pants meals planned for this weekend ?

I’m panning to hit up the FM Saturday for some local rock crab legs to steam , and artichokes which I will cook Roman style , along with capellini with oo and garlic.
Sunday : pork shoulder in the smoker for sliders and slaw . And you ?

The Las Halles cookbook arrived today … everything I’ve read, so far, sounds like it could make the cut. Unfortunately, we’re heading into high summer here in Arizona, so heavy-duty cooking is but a memory. Today’s pesto pizza (w/ 550 degree oven) may be the last of the oven meals for a while. I did make some rillettes last week so they’ll have to last. I’ll be making ‘quick & dirty’ meals - shrimp-asparagus risotto is tomorrow night’s supper using fresh shrimp stock from my stash in the freezer. Most cooking will be accomplished in the morning with evening meals either chilled or quickly cooked. A lot of dinners are eaten in the pool which is about as far from fancy-pants as you can get.

Nothing yet, although there’s still time to plan! We’re heading up to Westchester county on Saturday so we were thinking of hitting up Mona Lisa Salumeria in Eastchester, thanks to @chowdom’s recommendation (and drool-worthy photos). Those crab legs sound amazing!

Probably a number of meals out, my mom is coming to visit!! She comes to nyc every year (although usually with dad, he couldn’t escape work). So i’m focused on finding what she is craving- the short list includes chopped liver (russ and daughters cafe), a bialy (kossar’s), soft shell crab somewhere, an izakaya for yakitori, gelato, and memorial day bbq with friends! Nothing overly fancy this time around but should be some yummy meals regardless

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