Anthony Bourdain - dead at 61


You said what I think many of us are feeling today… And I’m heartbroken for Eric Ripert. It’s all a very sad, reminder that mental illness is very real and very serious.


Not really the point, I know, but I’ve often been concerned that he didn’t come accross to me as "on the wagon. "

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Shocked and saddened.

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Yeah. What a surprising news.


“What I do is not complicated,” Bourdain told the New York Times in 2005. “Any stranger who shows an honest curiosity about what the locals think is the best food is going to be welcomed. When you eat their food and you seem happy, people sitting around a table open up and interesting things happen.”


I am admittedly behind on catching up on the Parts Unknown episodes. One of the reasons I like his No Reservations show is that Anthony Bourdain brought us not just food, but the context, and the geopolitics behind the food. He took us to a journey to understand humanity and other culture better, to understand the surroundings of which the food is created.

He didn’t glamorize food and chefs, and he didn’t make food that were unfamiliar to the CNN or Travel Channel audience gimmicky. He just told the story about the people who created food and the culture and geopolitics around them. He gave as much attention to home cooks, mom and pop shops and known chefs. He’s the opposite of the stereotypical ‘ugly American’.

I am saddened that he died, but I am thankful of what he shared with us.


I heard this on the radio this morning, and just sat down and cried. I’m still crying. Even my CEO at work knew this hit me hard when I was just sitting in the work kitchen and he came in. He looked at me, and said “I’m so sorry” and brought out a box of tissues.

This was a man that seemed to have the world by the balls and made the most of the life he had been granted. He sat down with everyone - whether it was a street vendor or the President of the United States - just to have a beer, a good meal, and to just shoot the shit. He was real.

My heart aches for his family, friends, and most especially his daughter. And for all of us who loved him as he was - warts and all.

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He hanged himself.

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Some years back, my husband and I heard Anthony Bourdain speak about his books and his travels. He was unfailingly gracious to all. I got to ask a question about why he decided to do a guest appearance on the kids’ show “Yo Gabba Gabba!” His daughter was a fan. I can no longer recall his answer exactly, so here’s a write up I found over at Serious Eats:

I remember being so happy for him at that moment, with the success he had found and the happiness his daughter seemed to bring to his life. Today I’m saddened and reminded that we never know what burdens others carry. Peace.

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I’ve been thinking of him all day. I think they were really close, or they certainly acted close on camera. What a shock for him to find AB’s body. Also feeling for Zamir Gotta. The two of them together made me laugh til I cried.


It wasn’t an act - they were genuinely very close friends. I saw both AB and ER in Boston during their talk tour a few years back - they parried and riposted with each other like a pair of expert swordsmen. They were black and white / complete opposites in their mannerisms, but they became the unlikeliest of good friends.

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I thought of that too

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Sad news. He was an excellent communicator and full of curiosity and it never came across as anything but genuine. I doubt I would have ever gone to Penang had I not seen his No Reservations episode.


Eric, on Twitter:


Pete Wells on Bourdain:


Please do not post information, photos, or video (yikes) pertaining to the method of Mr. Bourdain’s suicide. (And those are 3 words I so did not want to write.)

If you already have, please edit your post. Current data shows that reporting, online posting that includes this information increases the risk of suicide contagion, which is a public health issue.

Thank you.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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The New York Times has already reported the cause of death, which was mechanical, not substance-related.


I hope Tony found peace. But I also want peace for the Riperts.

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I sure will miss his wit:


It’s unfortunate if the NYT isn’t complying with the well-researched and advised upon guidelines for reporting on suicide. Suicide contagion is a public health issue.

I am asking posters on this public board to please do as they request and refrain from discussing the method of suicide.

In the U.S., the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.