Anthony Bourdain - dead at 61


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If you haven’t already watched Day 1 ( and Day 2 ( of this Anthony Bourdain food tour in New Jersey, make sure you go back and watch them now.

Now, let’s start Day 3! We spent the night in Atlantic City and then drove first thing in the morning to Barnegat in the pine forest, and then on to Camden to complete this entire food tour.

Lucille’s Country Cooking ( - Total price - $19.89 -

First thing we headed to Lucille’s Country Cooking for breakfast, a classic New Jersey diner, but in the middle of the pine forests. They served a range of American breakfast dishes and I tried to order the same meal that Anthony Bourdain ate.

Tony & Ruth Steaks ( - Total price - $15.00 -

Next we drove on to Camden, New Jersey and headed straight to Tony & Ruth Steaks. Unfortunately they were still closed due to the Covid situation and only offered takeaway from the window. But that’s alright, I still ordered a few sandwiches and then ate them in the car. The bacon and egg sandwich was especially delicious.

Donkey’s Place ( - Price - $11 per cheesesteak -

Finally for the grand finale of this Anthony Bourdain New Jersey food tour, we headed to Donkey’s Place for a Jersey cheesesteak. This was one of the places I was most looking forward to eating in New Jersey on this entire tour. It didn’t disappoint, one of the world’s best cheesesteaks without a doubt. Quite a bit different from cheesesteaks I ate in Philly. I loved the huge quantity of onions and the poppy seed kaiser roll. It was soooo good, and the perfect way to end this entire food tour.

And that completes this New Jersey Anthony Bourdain food tour. Thank you for watching this entire series!

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I had to stop watching Mark. The glut just started to bother me. Mark needs to take a break! Seems like a fun guy…just too much over eating for me.


I agree. Plus, he seems just too “on.”


We discussed him on the NJ chicken sandwich thread
(I think :thinking:)

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Having watched the movie, I was a little surprised that his suicide didn’t come as a surprise to anybody that was close to him.
It was disturbing to watch him sitting at an outdoor table with two other people, drinking and talking, when suddenly he just closed his eyes, passed out, and fell of the chair onto the ground, out cold. I knew he was an olympic caliber alcoholic, but that was disturbing.

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Ben Rhodes is the author of After the Fall: Being American in the World We Made . He is a former speechwriter and deputy national security adviser to Barack Obama

Excerpt -

. He could, as Leerhsen reminds us, be insecure and act like a jerk. But he was also a serious enthusiast—for food, music, movies, and writing—who searched for decades for a way to measure up to the 20th-century American-male archetype he admired: a reckless and charismatic man like Hunter S. Thompson or Marlon Brando. Like his heroes, he strove to transcend the afflictions that Leerhsen details, and succeed on his own terms amid the sanitized and profit-hungry landscape of American culture. And after a middling career as a chef and one-off success as a memoirist, Bourdain, remarkably, found his outlet on an unlikely 21st-century medium: as a travel television host.


“I asked a young friend who worked in the restaurant industry if she was familiar with the show and knew who Bourdain was. She got so excited she was nearly speaking in tongues. I soon gathered that Bourdain was like a god, or God himself, in the restaurant kingdom.”

This made me smile, as it would been my same reaction.

AB thought of himself as ordinary. So many of us knew or thought of him as extraordinary.