Anova 1st Gen Circulator Now $89.

In case anyone is interested, factory-refurbished v1.0 circulators are now $89. Includes a 1-year warranty and free shipping. This 800W unit is controllable via Bluetooth (or manually), but doesn’t have WiFi capability.

I bit at this price.


Wait, that’s not the first gen one.

This one should be:

o_O; Unless they’re referring to the whole BT -> Wifi thing.

My understanding is that Gen1 has Bluetooth but not WiFi. But I’m happy to be wrong.

I have the very first Anova and the second wifi one. Pretty sure the first one went by the moniker Anova One

I somehow ended up with two of the anova ones and a bt model lol. I cannot really claim I have ever really used all three at the same time, but… the potential!

Ah if they’re going by that scheme just based on that one particular model (at least, physical looks) than yeah you’re right. Just thought the Anova one would be first gen, and the bt one should be second. At any rate, you can’t even buy the anova one anymore. I liked the Anova One a little more for the power and I never really used the bt app

I’ve got several of the Anova, but the simplest and seems best power/accuracy is the first model. No bluetooth or wi-fi. A total workhorse with no hassles. I wish I had 2-3 more of those.