Another Penzeys offer for 7/6/18

I’m starting to fear that ya’ll think I work for them!:blush:

Received an e-mail with the following:
“Tomorrow Morning a $31.95 free offer!”
"Tomorrow, our next big giveaway offer is coming. It’s a valuable one. In our stores this will be a flat-out free offer. Online this offer will still be free, but there will be some shipping charges involved, though we are reducing the minimum for free shipping to try and help. "
“Our plan is to have the offer up tomorrow at by 7am Central, and in your email inbox early in the morning. Please keep an eye out for it. This is a good one.”

So if you aren’t spiced-out by now it might be worth a look! If it is another boxed offer , well they make good gifts.


I got the e-mail too. It’s the Hope box: 2 oz Mexican vanilla extract and 1/2 cup salsa & pico. Shipping is $7.95.

Just ordered. Free shipping if you order 19.95 of other stuff which is easy to do, and I did.